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10 Must-Haves From MATE The Label’s Birthday Sale

MATE The Label is celebrating their birthday with a 30% off sale! MATE the Label is a sustainable fashion brand committed to creating high-quality, eco-friendly clothing.

Founded with the mission to offer chic and comfortable basics, they emphasize the use of non-toxic, organic materials and ethical manufacturing practices. Their collections feature timeless, versatile pieces designed to be both stylish and sustainable, appealing to conscious consumers who value both aesthetics and environmental responsibility. They strive to reduce their environmental footprint through thoughtful design, minimal waste production, and promoting a cleaner, healthier planet.

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Here are our top 10 picks from the sale:

  1. Organic Gauze Oversized Buttondown
  2. Organic Fleece Half-Zip Sweatshirt
  3. Organic Cotton Layering Tank
  4. Organic Waffle Half-Zip Sweatshirt
  5. Organic Stretch Sports Bra
  6. Organic Gauze Short
  7. Organic Fleece Graphic Cropped Vintage Sweatshirt
  8. Organic Stretch Racer Tank
  9. Organic Stretch Dress
  10. Tencel Sleep Short
Organic Gauze Oversized Buttondown
Organic Cotton Layering Tank
Organic Stretch Sports Bra
Organic Fleece Graphic Cropped Vintage Sweatshirt
Organic Stretch Dress
Organic Fleece Half-Zip Sweatshirt
Organic Waffle Half-Zip Sweatshirt
Organic Gauze Short
Organic Stretch Racer Tank
Tencel Sleep Short

All photos via MATE The Label.