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7 Words You Should Immediately Stop Using To Describe Yourself

7 Words You Should Immediately Stop Using To Describe Yourself

It’s no secret that the words we say to others matter. But sometimes we forget that the words we say to and about ourselves are equally important. We need to be careful about the way we describe who we are. If you wouldn’t use a word for a friend or loved one, you shouldn’t use it for yourself either.

Keep scrolling for seven specific words that you should stop using to talk about Y-O-U.

7 Words You Should Immediately Stop Using To Describe Yourself

1. Alone

Have you gone through a breakup? Experienced a loss in your family? Or generally feeling down in the dumps? With each of these situations, it can be tempting to feel – and even say – that you’re all alone.

But remember, if you’re sharing these feelings with a friend or other confidante, you’re far from lonely. If you feel lonely, stop thinking of yourself as alone and reach out for support. Reach out or let people in your life know that you need something versus trying to figure it out alone. Plus…you are not alone!

2. Stupid

It’s surprising how many of us use this word. If you say to yourself that you are stupid, you will trigger a negative feeling about yourself. Plus you’ll also trigger negative thoughts about yourself.

Too many negative thoughts can lead to a drop in self-confidence or self-esteem. Give yourself a little credit. Allow the necessary room to make mistakes so that you can relieve the pressure you put on yourself. Be a little more compassionate to yourself too.

3. Lazy

Too many of us call ourselves out when we can’t wake up early enough to exercise, take on one more task at home or at work, or keep up with someone else. At this point, we should see if we need more down time, sleep, motivation, or information instead of judging ourselves too harshly.

Don’t relate exhaustion or overwhelm with habitual laziness. You’re only lazy if you choose to be.

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4. Just/Only

When asked what you do for a living or even for fun, don’t hedge your answer with the word “just” or “only”. You’re not “just” a student or “only” an assistant or spending your weekend “just” hanging out. Own who you are and what you do.

These qualifiers undermine your power and awesomeness. They also serve as an apology for something that requires one, and broadcast low self-esteem or fake humility.

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5. Sorry

Women, in particular, are in the habit of making themselves apologetic way too often.

While saying you’re sorry may seem harmless – maybe even polite – you say it more than necessary. Try and be mindful that you’re not saying sorry for things that aren’t yours to own.

Consider replacing “I’m sorry” with “thank you.” For example, try saying, “Thank you for your patience” instead of “I’m so sorry I’m late.”

6. Sensitive

By labelling your thoughts and feelings as sensitive, you’re not only judging yourself. You’re also negating your thoughts and feelings. There’s nothing wrong with having emotions.

Even if you’re convinced that you have more feels than the average human, you don’t owe it to anyone to justify your behavior. Instead, allow yourself to experience these emotions, so you can move past them when you’re ready.

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7. Hopeless

No matter how low you’re feeling or how much you feel you need to grow or improve, never ever label yourself this way. Reinforcing that you’re growing and learning is a far more positive, motivating, and effective message than expecting mastery out of the gate and beating yourself up over it.

Which one of these words are you going to choose to stop saying first?

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