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Which Subscription Box Should You Buy?

With new subscription boxes coming out all the time now, it can be hard to narrow down which one to get. Whether you are treating yourself, or giving one as a gift, we have you covered with all the information you need to decide which one to get.

Some of the deciding factors you may have to think about, that we will feature here, are:

  • The type of items you get
  • The number of items you get
  • Price
  • Reviews
  • How often they ship

We will have them broken down into categories so that you can access the ones you want, faster. Keep in mind that some of these boxes can fill multiple categories.

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Which Subscription Box Should You Buy?

Self-Care/Lifestyle Boxes

If you like a mix of products in your subscription boxes, this category would probably be your best bet. In these boxes you’ll find products like bath products, journals, candles, etc.. These boxes are great at helping you slow down and explore new products.

The Capsule Collab

These boxes are unique because they are limited edition themed collections! They are not subscription based so you can choose to purchase each box individually. Here are a few collections they’ve launched:

Each month they donate 10% of their proceeds to a different organization. Save 10% off your purchase withe code GENTWENTY here! All collections ship free. They’ve recently launched their marketplace as well which features amazing finds from women-owned businesses! 


This is a seasonal subscription box. Each season you’ll get up to eight home goods, fashion, wellness, and beauty items.

There are two different subscription prices, seasonal at $49.99, and annually at $179.99. The annual price equals out to $45 a box. When you purchase the annual subscription you’ll get more bonuses, like being able to customize your whole box and earlier shipping.

Check out this review that our GenTwenty editor Nicole filmed to find out more about the box.


Alltrue (previously Causebox):

This box is a quarterly subscription box that runs for $49.95 with free shipping. They are similar to FabFitFun but feature exclusively sustainable and ethically-made brands. 

Their items vary from beauty and skincare to homeware and goods to kitchenware, and more!


Each monthly box contains items that are curated by therapists. You’ll receive six to eight wellness products, along with an activity. Therabox is all about promoting relaxation and reducing stress, so their boxes reflect that. Each month has a different theme, like “Cozy,” “Flourish,” and “Renew.”

The price ranges from $34.99-$371.88, depending on how many months you prepay for. Be sure to check out the review we did for Therabox for more information and a peak for what you can expect.

Passion & Growth:

This is another themed monthly box. You’ll find themes like “Confidence,” “Nourish Your Body,” and “Give Yourself Grace.”

Each box includes a book, lifestyle item, self care item, and an affirmation item. You’ll also get a monthly action plan filled with more positivity, like a monthly challenge and journal prompts.

Subscriptions run from $37.99 a month to $43.99 a month, depending on what payment plan you choose. If you want an up close look at what to expect in this box check out this unboxing video.

Beauty Boxes

If makeup and skincare are two of your favorite things, you’ll want to check out these boxes. 


This company is unique in the fact that it’s not necessarily a box, but it’s a bag.

For a while it was just known as a $12 monthly glam bag with five deluxe trial size products. Now they have expanded to a Glam Bag Plus option that features full size products for $25 a month. You can also upgrade your plan with a quarterly option, the Glam Bag X plan. With that plan you’ll pay $55 and receive eight full size products and the products are curated with a partnership from a celebrity. 


This box gives you two subscription options, BoxyCharm a monthly subscription for $25, a quarterly Luxe box for $49.99. There is also a monthly premium add on option for $35 if you want extra products.

With any of these options you are receiving full size makeup, haircare, and skincare products. The number of products you get depends on the box you select, but you can expect 5-8+ products.


This beauty box centers their products, and the box itself, around a theme each month. Past boxes have had themes like “Retro” and “Let The Sun Shine.”

There are several different payment plans all ranging from $17.50 a box with a yearly prepaid plan to $21 a month for a monthly plan.

You get 5 high-quality beauty products in each box. 

Allure Beauty Box:

Allure is more than a magazine, they also have a beauty subscription box. When you sign up for this subscription box you can expect six or more products, which includes at least three full size items.

All of the items are curated by the editor of Allure magazine. This is a $23 box, with prepay plans available as well.

Food/Drink Boxes

Food/Drink subscription boxes are great ways to explore new meals, snacks, etc.. With these type of boxes you’ll get a selection of different items to decide if you like them or not. Some of these boxes will also save you time by cutting out the grocery store and time spent meal prepping.

Try The World:

If you love the idea of exploring different cultures, but aren’t able to travel, bring the culture to you through food. When you purchase a box from Try The World you receive curated food and drink items from a specific country. You have two options to choose from, the Countries box for $39 or the Snacks box for $19. 

Hungry Root:

This box replaces the need to meal plan and create grocery lists. All you have to do is take a quiz about your food preferences and they will curate a list of recipes, and the groceries that go with them. You can also add your own. This box starts at $59 and is delivered weekly. 


If you are on the hunt for healthier snacks, you’ll like this box. In each one you’ll receive a variety of 12 new snacks to try. They have four different plans to suit your dietary needs, Classic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Vegan & Gluten-Free. You can choose to pay monthly for $25.95, or you can choose between three different prepay plans.

Sips by:

Tea-lovers this one’s for you. With this monthly subscription you get four teas, which equal out to 16 cups, for $16. This is a female-founded box. You can expect the brands included to be a range of big international companies to smaller tea shops, in a box personalized for you.

Hobby Boxes

Hobbies are fun ways to express ourselves and have some me-time. They can often get overlooked when life gets busy. Getting subscription boxes like this every month are a great reminder to make time for you. 

Book of the Month:

This is a great choice if you enjoy spending your free time reading. Each month you’ll get to choose from five books, and you can even add books to your order.  Your monthly subscription ranges from $12.50- $16.67. If you don’t like the choices of the month you can skip the month easily. 


If you enjoy drawing, hand lettering, painting, etc. this box is right up your alley.

You can choose either the basic box for $25 or the premium box for $35. Each box includes an assortment of art supplies and a piece of art that was made with those supplies. You’ll also get access to an educational video.


With this $40-$60 subscription box you’ll receive everything you need to create a new project each month. There are two different project kits you can purchase, a KnitStitch box and a SockStitch box. This is great for getting outside of your comfort zone by creating new things, or even just adding to your collection of beautiful yarn.

Bake Eat Love:

This box is perfect for people that spend their free time in the kitchen. Each month you’ll receive ingredients, a recipe card, and even a bonus tool, all for $37.99 a month. There are also other prepay options that equal up to $31.99 a box. You’ll also receive plenty of instruction and tips to make baking a breeze. `

Little Supply

If you have kids roughly between the ages of 2-8, this is a monthly subscription box curated for littles with fun crafts! It comes with all of the supplies you need to do 10 crafts each month.

Save $10 on your first month with code GEN30.