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This post contains affiliate links.

HelloFresh is best if you want to make restaurant-style meals at home. Their selection of choices includes a variety of dishes centered around pasta, burgers, vegetarian dishes, chicken dishes, and tacos — with multiple spins on them. Butter is heavily featured in their recipes to give you an idea of what to expect.


HelloFresh does not offer free shipping. My boxes of 4 servings cost me $52. Most of their recipes also include six steps but each step often has 2-3 parts so they can be more time-intensive than they might seem. 


One con to HelloFresh is that the menu repeats itself frequently so if you like huge amounts of variety, this might not be for you. I do really like what the offer though. You can save $40 off your first order with this link at HelloFresh.

Sun Basket is a great option for “healthier” twists on typical diet staples. I wouldn’t necessarily say they are focused on “clean eating” do include more vegetables than I’ve seen in other meal kits.

A big pro of Sun Basket is that you can pick your protein which means your meal is very customizable. This also makes it more budget friendly in my opinon. My first box of 4 servings was $36. 


Sun Basket also has “oven ready” meals that are easy to cook – you just put them in the oven! This is a nice way to have a new meal or dish without having to cook it. Definitely a pro in my book.


They also offer organic and non-organic options. These extra choices can impact the price point so be mindful of that. Also, Sun Basket gives options on the recipe card for how to get your kids involved in cooking with appropriate tasks. As a mom, I liked that feature, personally.


Save 50% off your first SunBasket order here.

Daily Harvest serves all of their meals to you in cups!  They are delivered this way so you can pour out the frozen ingredients, blend them or cook them, and then put them back in the cup. It’s a healthy lifestyle but to-go.


I am personally a huge fan of  Daily Harvest. Especially the smoothies and harvest bowls. I think they are well worth the money to get a box once or twice a month.

You can save $25 off your first order with code GENTWENTY here.

Splendid Spoon is a plant-based meal plan that sends ready-made breakfast and lunch right to you. The smoothies are pre-made so you can just shake them and go — I personally love the blackberry basil flavor! And the lunches are meant to be heated up and enjoyed in their containers. 

This is great if you want to eat healthy and plant-based but you don’t have a lot of time. It was made for busy women and I think it’s a perfect solution to eating out, picking up breakfast on the way to work or skipping lunch.


I have tried Splendid Spoon twice now and have loved it both times: Which Splendid Spoon Plan Is Best For You? and Splendid Spoon Review: Is it worth it?


Green Chef caters to all kinds of diets! This is a great choice if you have multiple people in your family who eat different diets or of you have a specialty diet of your own.

Green Chef offers several different plans at varying price points, including Vegetarian ($10.49 per meal), Vegan and Omnivore ($11.99 per meal), Gluten Free and Carnivore ($13.49 per meal), and Keto and Paleo ($14.99 per meal). This is pretty pricey in comparison to other meal plans. Many of the meals were blander than other meal kits we have tried.

You can see our full review of Green Chef here.