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Where to Shop for Clothes on a Budget

I love shopping, don’t you? A new season brings new clothes, at least in my closet (and, of course, after I have gone through that spring cleaning and that fall cleaning first!). But, life is expensive and so are clothes. On top of bills like rent, mortgages, student loans, electricity, car payments and so on, there may not be much money to spend on clothes. The good news is thought that there are plenty of places to find clothes on a budget. Why pay full price when you don’t have to?

Here are some of the best places to shop for clothes on a budget:

TJ Maxx & Marshalls 

Two of my favorite stores (make it three if we include HomeGoods, even though they don’t have clothes!) for sure. You can find so much here and spend so little.

They are home to the brands you already love, but not for full price. Brands like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Philosophy, and Kate Spade are frequently found here. Plus, many of these stories now carry Rent The Runway collections, which means you’re finding even bigger designer, like Tory Burch and Diane Von Furstenberg, for half the price.

There aren’t any coupons for TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but if you shop there frequently, it’s worth it to open their credit card. It does not have an annual fee and you get reward coupons after you accumulate a certain amount of points.

Department Stores Outlets 

Most department stores have their “outlet” version that you should be shopping at. Saks has Saks Off Fifth. Neiman Marcus has Neiman Marcus Last Call. Bloomingdales has Bloomingdale’s The Outlet Store. Nordstrom has Nordstrom Rack. All of these places sell very similar products to what you find in their main stores (maybe just a season or two later).

But if you’re looking for a classic piece that never goes out of style (like that iconic Burberry jacket) these are the places to look. Most of these places allow you to shop online as well, except for Bloomingdale’s The Outlet Store. Plus, if you have Shoprunner, Saks Off Fifth and Neiman Marcus Last Call are both on there, giving you free two-day shipping and free returns.

Personal Shoppers

There are so many Instagram accounts dedicated to personal shoppers and deal finders. These are people who work in the department store or luxury store and share deals happening in store or personal shoppers who search for amazing deals and then snag them up for you.

A perk of this too is that you can contact the personal shopper to keep a lookout for something if you have it in mind so they can snatch it up for you. Also, when you buy through them, they include tax and shipping in their price, meaning that it’s significantly less than what you’d pay in store. Search hashtags like #DealHunter and #NeverPayRetail to find some great accounts. These accounts also tend to share when online shops are having massive (and legit) sales too.

Marketplace Apps

Poshmark, ThredUp, and TheRealReal are three great places to look for clothes. All of these places have used or gently used items, but they also carry new items too (especially on Poshmark — you can easily search for items “new with tags”).

If you are looking to clean out your closest too, these are three good places to start selling on. Just keep in mind that sometimes shipping can be a bit high. ThredUp and TheRealReal are consignment/thrift shops online, whereas Poshmark allows users to sell their own stuff in their closet. If you “like” an item on Poshmark, the seller may even send you a larger discount, both on the item and on shipping. What a great way to buy your favorite clothes on a budget!


There is a great chance you live close to an outlet location, even if you don’t know it. Not sure if you do or not? Here is a great lest of the Best US Outlet Mall Locations as accumulated by The Travel Channel. These outlet malls have so many different stores, all with reduced prices on their items and many times having larger sales on top of that. They’re great places to go and stock up on whatever you need (or may not need but have wanted) and to find great deals.

Second-Hand Websites 

Sites like eBay, Mercari, and LetGo allow people to sell their items and many people opt to sell clothes on it too. Doing so is like thrift shopping – it’s cheap and environmentally friendly and a win-win all around.

Whereas I have not bought clothes on any of these sites yet, I have sold clothes on them (and I can assure that they were all in good condition!). Just be sure that you are purchasing from a reliable seller and that you read the full description before you purchase the clothing you are looking for. You can definitely some great deals, and even new, never worn clothing, on some of these second-hand websites.

Where are your favorite places to shop for clothes on a budget? Let us know in the comments below!

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