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Living Abroad: What You Need To Know About Moving To Spain

Working abroad is a career goal for so many twenty-somethings. There’s something so magical about living and working in another country as an expat. Some of us at GenTwenty have worked abroad in places like Thailand, Japan, Korea, London, and Spain!

Today, Moughees is here to share his tips for working and living abroad in Spain. Spain is a beautiful country with so much to offer.

If you’ve never been yourself, you might know Spain because of its blockbuster Netflix series La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) or its dominance in football. But Spain has to offer more than that. Many people find it the best destination for remote work, and many others choose to live there as expats.

Its serene climate, food culture, laid-back environment, and chill vibe attract digital nomads worldwide.

working abroad in spain

One extremely important think you’ll need to know before moving to Spain for work is that you will need a Visa. Many people who take this route decide to work with an immigration professional to answer their questions about their work.

For example, people who want to live in Spain without actually making income need to fulfill the non lucrative visa Spain income requirements in 2024. This particular visa is necessary for people who:

  • Reside in the country and travel without engaging in any paid job/work.
  • Those with the economic capacity to live without working.
  • Those planning to spend time in Spain without employment initially but may work later.

And this is just one example! Before making your expat dreams come true, you absolutely need to consider the legal aspects. It’s just one of those adulting things that are necessary to make your dreams come true.

That aside, if you’re considering working abroad, here are Moughees’ reasons for choosing to live in Spain!

5 Top Reasons To Work Abroad in Spain

1. Great Work-Life Balance

Spanish people are not fans of toxic work culture. Instead, they prefer to work for a dedicated number of hours, and then, they turn off their “work brain” to enjoy life. Unlike other fast-paced countries, they have great work-life balance. Since the overall vibe of the country is somewhat slow and laid-back, you can get the best of both work and leisure here. 

They have a common saying, “Work to live, don’t live to work.” depicting their relaxed approach to work life. Moreover, it’s wonderful that they recognize your identity as a human being is not just their corporate designation. Spaniards are firm believers in the notion that work does not define you. So, you won’t miss out on life and maintain a professional work ethic, side by side, in Spain. 

2. Vibrant Nightlife

Since they are great at balancing work and life, they spend their weekends partying and hanging out with friends till morning. This is a completely normal and encouraged part of the culture!

Tourist hubs like Madrid and Barcelona cater to people with every taste and interest. From clubs, bars, restaurants, and shopping centers to music and dance parties, you will find entertainment that relieves your stress. 

If you didn’t know, Spain has a custom of Tapas. It is a type of cuisine consisting of small portions of food, served hot or cold, that people eat while enjoying beer. Many people combine these dishes into a dinner platter as well. It is a very common activity among the young demographic of Spain.

tapas in spain

3. Affordable Accommodation Options and Easy Travel

Spain can accommodate people from varied financial statuses and residential needs. Moreover, as tourists and expats now demand an eco-friendly and sustainable home, there has been a shift to providing that. Due to the excellent facilities and home rental services they provide, they have projected revenue of 9.49 billion US dollars in the hotel market

You can select from budget-friendly hotels, urban hotels, rural houses, apartments, guest houses, serviced flats, and camping sites, depending on your needs and budget.

Plus, if you have any specific interests like partying, studying abroad in college or university, exploring historical sites, or connecting with working professionals, you can select certain cities and areas to stay. Like Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, and Andalusia are the best options for remote workers. 

It’s also easy to travel around Spain with trains being a quick form of transportation around the country.

spanish countryside

4. Moderate Climate 

Spain has a wonderful climate due to its geographical location and diverse topography. Located in the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe, Spain is influenced by various climatic factors that contribute to its pleasant weather.

One of the key factors is its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, which moderates temperatures along the coast. The Mediterranean climate is characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters, creating ideal conditions for agriculture and tourism.

Spain also benefits from its diverse topography, which includes mountains, plains, and coastal regions. The Pyrenees Mountains in the north act as a barrier against cold northern winds, while the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the south help create a microclimate that contributes to the warm temperatures in Andalusia. Truly, its a really enjoyable climate and easy to adapt to!

5. Well-Connected Expat Communities 

Spain is a paradise for digital nomads. If you are a vlogger, freelancer, virtual assistant, or have any other job suitable for expats, you can choose Spain as your residence. They support businesses, innovative ideas, and tech-based initiatives. Plus, you can network with the well-connected expat communities to get guidance and support while working abroad.

Whether you want to establish a business in Spain, study, or get Spanish citizenship, you must understand the intricate details of the visa process just to reiterate. The best way is to connect with professional Spanish visa service providers like to make the process swift and seamless.

spain's climate

The Bottom Line

Spain has the best of everything from work to entertainment, culture, history, and sports. Its unparalleled environment, facilities, and accommodation services are the significant reasons people want to start their new chapter of life in Spain. 

Moving to Spain for work, travel, or study requires different visas. And for that, you should have proper knowledge of documentation requirements and other formalities. 

Author Bio: Moughees Butt

“Thirst to learn and explore till he finds ecstasy” are Moughees’s pivot charms! He loves to craft and comprehend deeply anything happens around!