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What To Put On A Vision Board

It’s the time of year where we all get hopeful and intrigued about what the new year will bring. Goals, resolutions, and plans are all being made. There is one way to think more outside the box and have a little fun with the goals you have for the year. That is where a vision board comes in, and it’s what we’ll be talking about today.

What Is A Vision Board

A vision board is a visual representation of all you hope to accomplish. Like goals you can have vision boards for any time period that you want.

In this post we’re just going to talk about a yearly vision board. You may be wondering how you can visually represent your goals, and the answer is, you can use anything. Most people use magazine clippings, some people even make Pinterest vision boards! We’ll get into more materials later, so keep reading.

what to put on a vision board

Why Vision Boards Are Important

When you make your vision board you’ll want to place it somewhere that you’ll see everyday. Being able to take in all your goals and dreams for the year ahead is a form of manifesting, and can be powerful. Put positivity out there and you’ll get positivity in return. That’s why it’s not only important to make the vision board, but continue to believe in it.

What Supplies Are Needed To Make A Vision Board

Your vision board can be as unique as you are. There are many different ways to create one and materials you can use to create it. Some people opt to do a digital vision board. For that you just need a photo editing app, like Canva, or there are actually some digital vision board apps like Vision Board Maker & Moodboard. Since you don’t need supplies for digital boards, this section will focus on physical ones.

  • Poster board: Without this there is no vision board. You may want to consider a foam board or thicker piece of poster board so that it stays sturdy throughout the year.
  • Magazines: Flip through some magazines and see what catches your eye. Are there images or words that resonate with what you want on your board? Try to grab a few different types of magazines so you have a variety.
  • Pictures: If magazines don’t have some photos that you are looking for, you may have to take your search online and print some pictures.
  • Stickers: I love using stickers for positive quotes or decorative elements. It’s a great way to add a little extra to your board.
  • Markers/Pens: These are good to have to write out each goal if you can’t find the words to cut out in the magazines.
  • Tape/Glue: You’ll need something to stick everything to the poster. I recommend tape because it’s less messy, but glue works too.
  • Scrapbook paper: Different types of paper could be a fun way to add texture to your board if you are going for a scrapbook type of look, but this isn’t a necessity.
  • Washi tape: This is another creative tool to add some extra fun to your poster board, but again it’s not required to make a vision board.
what to put on a vision board

What To Put On A Vision Board

Now that you have your supplies it’s time to decide what you want on your vision board and how you want your board to look. I like to try and add at least one or two goals in each area of life. I call them the six goal areas. You can break them down further to get even more goal areas if you want a lot on your board.

The 7 Goal Areas

The seven goal areas we’re going over today are physical, mental, financial, environmental, social, and spiritual. Here are some examples of each one so you have an idea of what to add to your own board.


When you think of physical goals many people think of fitness, losing weight, etc., but that’s not the whole picture of physical health. Some other goals you could have is to get better sleep by going to bed before 12AM every night. Another example could be going to yearly checkups at the doctor. 

what to put on a vision board
via Kelly Clark


Mental goals that you can put on your vision board can be a variety of things. One can be finding a therapist. Another great one is committing to journaling everyday. Putting a better focus on mental health is something that everyone should prioritize in the new year.


The financial category is always a big one when it comes to goals in the New Year. There are a variety of different reasons someone may want to focus on their finances in the new year. My advice would be to set a realistic goal that can be achieved in the year. Instead of putting debt-free on the board, maybe just put your goal as paying off a credit card or two. Some other goals can be saving $1,000, starting a new career, etc..


I feel like these are goals that aren’t thought of as much, but are still important. It’s also a little broad, so many different goals could go in this category. Some examples are renovating a room in your home, focusing on becoming tidier, creating a more sustainable home, etc.. I would even put your nature and/or travel goals in this section too. For example if you want to spend more time outside that is part of your environment. Trips are an aspect of changing up your environment.


This is a fun section of the goal areas. What are your intentions to maintain your relationships this year, or maybe even create new ones? Those are the goals you put here. You could also include family or friend trips, dating goals, and more in this section.

what to put on a vision board
via Kelly Clark


If you are a spiritual person, or maybe you are exploring wanting to become one, putting some spiritual goals on your vision board would be a great idea. Some examples of this would be praying daily, learning to meditate, finding a church, etc..


We’ve reached our last goal area, which are intellectual goals. If you have a new skill you want to learn, a certification you want to take, or maybe you want to go back to school, those goals would go in this section. This is an exciting section because it holds so much possibility of growth. 

Next let’s figure out how to place everything on your vision board.

what to put on a vision board

How To Organize Your Vision Board

You have everything you need and you know what you want to put on your board, now the fun begins. It’s time to create your very own vision board! You can be as organized or as random as you want with it. No one has to see your board but you, so create something that you’ll want to look at daily. Then go out there and make those goals happen.

Will you be making a vision board this year? Let me know in the comments if you are.

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