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What It’s Like Living In… Gorham, Maine

What It's Like Living In... Gorham, Maine

Gorham, Maine is a town located in Cumberland County, Maine with an estimated population of 17,651. It is roughly 30 minutes from Portland. According to, it is one of the best places, especially for young professionals to live in the state of Maine. The majority of residents own their home rather than rent, with the median home value being around $262,000 and the median rent being around $985.

Is it a good place for millenials? It sounds like it! But to learn more about Gorham, I spoke to GenTwenty’s own Rachael Warren (Tulipano) who actually lives there and can give us a first-hand account.

What It’s Like Living In… Gorham, Maine

How long have you been living in Gorham?

I have lived in Gorham since 2016. But I’ve lived in Maine overall since 2003.

Why is it a good fit for twenty-somethings to live?

I think the progressive, vibrant, scenic city of Portland, Maine is a fantastic place for twenty-somethings to live for many reasons. Here are a few main ones that come to mind:

  • Portland was named the 2018 restaurant city of the year and has consistently been considered one of the foodiest cities of America for many years. There are endless options for anything you’re looking for – lobster rolls, sushi, Thai food, gelato, cheeseburgers, Italian, and so on. Portland Food Map is a great resource for people looking to find the best restaurant to enjoy their next delicious meal.
  • Portland has a very dynamic craft beer scene. In fact, Portland is the U.S. city with the most craft breweries per capita! Allagash Brewing Company and Sebago Brewing Company are among my favorites.
  • In addition to the traditional styles of beer, many Portland breweries are also experimenting with new flavors and techniques. One popular trend is incorporating fruit purees into your beers. This can add a refreshing sweetness and fruitiness to the beer, and it can also help to balance out the bitterness of hops.
  • For example, Allagash Brewing Company has a popular beer called White IPA that is made with wheat, oats, and a blend of American and Belgian hops. The beer is then infused with passionfruit puree, which gives it a tropical flavor and aroma.
  • Portland has so many fun places to see and things to do right in the area. Some of my favorites include shopping in quaint and unique shops around the Old Port, taking a cruise around Casco Bay, visiting the Portland Museum of Art, and heading to the top of Munjoy Hill to walk up the Portland Observatory to enjoy a scenic, unique, aerial view of the entire city.
  • Maine is home to 65 lighthouses, with most being open to the public. My husband and I are determined to visit as many of them together as we can. It’s such a fun sightseeing activity, and a great way to explore some of Maine’s 3,478 miles of coastline!

What is your favorite part of living there?

My favorite thing about living in Maine is its special blend of rural and urban living. I live near Sebago Lake, which is a decently quiet part of the state where I can enjoy the woods, swim in the lake, go boating, and more without feeling overwhelmed by tourists or crowds.

On the flip side, I am only a 30-minute drive to downtown Portland, where I can attend festivals, shop at local boutiques, eat at an upscale restaurant, and visit the coast. It’s the perfect combination of rural and urban living so I never get bored. There’s always something to do, a place to see, and a new place to eat!

What is one thing that may surprise people about the area?

I had to research this one – ha! Here are some surprising facts about Maine:

  • Maine sees America’s first sunrise each day, in the easternmost point of the U.S.:West Quoddy Head, Maine.
  • It would take you more than 9 years to visit all of Maine’s Islands.
  • Maine is home to the highest moose population in the lower 48 states.
  • Out of the lower 48 states, Maine is in the top ten coldest during the winter and the absolute coldest during the spring.
  • Maine has the least expensive average car insurance premium in the country.
  • Maine is home to America’s best-known horror writer, Stephen King. His house in Bangor, Maine is considered a historical site, and tourists can visit it!

Anything else you’d like to add about Gordham or Maine in general?

Twenty-somethings might find the job market in Maine to be a bit challenging, given that the population of the state is a modest 1.3 million and there are roughly 41,700+ employer establishments. All that to say, businesses are sometimes small and it can be hard to find a company that offers a lot of career growth for professionals looking to climb the corporate ladder.

However, I think Maine has tried really hard, and in some instances succeeded, in welcoming new businesses to bring more employment opportunities to the state. Additionally, teleworking has never been more possible/popular, so I think twenty-somethings who want to live and enjoy Maine but work remotely for an out-of-state company might find that is the best way to reap the benefits of both. I live in Maine, and work from home for a college in Vermont. It’s been really neat to live where I want, while teleworking.

Share your favorite spots to visit and restaurants to eat at!

My favorite spots to visit in Maine include Acadia National Park (hiking & sightseeing), Portland Head Light (sightseeing), Sebago Lake (boating & swimming), and coastal cities like Kennebunkport, Ogunquit, and Camden (sightseeing, shopping, and exploring restaurants).

As far as places to eat, I’m a huge fan of Profenno’s (best pizza around); Veranda Noodle Bar (best Chicken Pad Thai of my life); Sebago Brewing Company (I like to indulge in housemade chicken wings, pub pretzels, and caesar salad here); and the Holy Donut (most delicious handmade donuts you’ll ever eat!).

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