Whether we’re relaxing with a downward dog in yoga, trying out forest therapy or testing the ‘pick three method’, we all love a new wellness trend. Well, we all want to be the best version of ourselves, don’t we?

The latest wellness trend that caught my eye is called ‘the lost art of being’, which is based on a new wellbeing book by Jacqui Macdonald, The Lost Art of Being – How to Have a Calm, Happy, Easy Life.

This book champions the benefits of doing absolutely nothing. It encourages you to discover the power of slowing down, not always playing by the rules and remembering how to just be — and I think a lot of us would cheer for all of that.

So I wanted to share three simple things you can do every single day to champion this new wellness trend. The best bit? It’s the most simple form of self-care I’ve seen in a long time.

1. Slow everything down.

In the book, Jacqui says just slowing down, in general, is one of the simplest but most effective ways you can embrace this new wellness trend. And that means slowing down with everything — the way you think, talk, walk, eat, and drink.

Slow down conversations with the people closest to you. Slow down the time you have to yourself. One way of doing this is enjoying a long bubble bath instead of a quick shower. Craft a morning and evening routine and slow them down. Slowing down is about beginning to get a greater awareness rather than what your current rushing self is seeing.

Jacqui also swears by the power of keeping a journal to write and writing slowly about what you notice through your day-to-day life. Told you it was simple.

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2. The five-minute productivity test.

This is a great exercise that will benefit every single person out there. The basis of this exercise is that every day, you should make a pact with yourself. For the next five minutes, you will not engage with thoughts that crop up relating to your past (so wondering about your ex, the bad ride home you had from work or that horrible encounter you had with a colleague).

But this exercise isn’t only about your past. Jacqui also says you should avoid thinking about your future too. That means future responsibilities, your family scenario, health status or employment. This wellness trend is about focusing on the best version of yourself and embodying that person as a result. That’s what this five-minute exercise will allow you to do.

3. Learn how to observe everything around you.

One of the simplest ways to relax and embrace this wellness trend is by noticing how busy people are as they rush around their day. Pick up on everything — what they’re wearing, how their hair looks, their complexion, expression and even their energy.

But this is the hardest part — try and notice all of this without making any judgment, analysis or assumption whatsoever. According to the book, if you can do this, it’ll have an impact on your whole life. News headlines, angry drivers, grey clouds, annoying messages, dirty dishes, rude people — you’ll see them as nothing more than what they are. So you could get lost in your imagination and make up an elaborate story about these people. Or you could see them for what they are and move on.

The main premise of the book I want you to remember though isn’t any of the points we’ve just covered (although I think you should try them out). What I want you to remember is your whole self. It is only when we look after both aspects of ourselves – human and being — that we can relax fully into our lives. This is what teaches us how to override the mind to get in touch with our natural consciousness, so we can receive greater guidance and give up the pressure of having to fix everything ourselves.

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If you’re ready for a dramatic shift in mindset, I highly recommend you practice the three parts of this wellness trend. The less you do, the more you become. And that is the simple secret to happiness.