Top 10 Career Changes For Teachers

If you're ready to move beyond the classroom and want to change careers, here are the top 10 career changes for teachers...


Tutor. Instead of facilitating a whole class, you are providing tailored services to different students in a specialized subject.

After School Program Coordinator. You’ll be supervising staff, preparing snacks, and doing arts and crafts activities.


Exam Evaluator/Marker. If you prefer the administrative aspect of teaching, you can perhaps try to find a gig as an exam evaluator.


Technical writer. If you consider yourself an expert in a specific subject, why not showcase your expertise through writing?



Youth worker. Did you enjoy interacting with the students, but did not enjoy the formal aspect of working in a classroom?


Residence counselor. Many boarding schools will often hire for this position, as they need staff to monitor the students in residence throughout the evening.


Executive assistant. . Although doing admin work may not have been something you envisioned, you are still able to contribute to the educational field in a different manner.


Field Placement Coordinator. You’ll liaise with different employers within a specific industry, and work with students to find an ideal organization or position which suits their interests.


Student Services Advisor. You’ll get to play a huge role in contributing to the student’s growth within the academic world, and help them with their professional plans and goals.


Project Manager. You’ll be able to use some creativity skills which you may have not had a chance to use as a teacher while still learning new skills.

As a teacher, you’ll have gained a diverse set of interpersonal skills which will help you to implement them in different settings.