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6 Top Tips on Finding Discounts and Deals when Traveling

Nothing dampens the holiday spirit more than worrying about money and overspending. Fortunately, nowadays, a great vacation doesn’t have to be an expensive one.

From savvy booking strategies to money-saving apps and travel hacks, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to save money while traveling without compromising on the fun and good times!

Tips on Finding Discounts and Deals when Traveling

6 Tips To Save Money and Find Deals While Traveling

1. Plan Ahead When You Can

The more you plan ahead, the bigger the savings you’ll make, particularly when it comes to your flights and accommodation. Allow yourself plenty of time to research and compare transport and hotel options and take advantage of any early booking discounts.

As well as being organized, if possible, aim to be flexible. We all know that booking outside of peak season is far cheaper but this isn’t possible for everyone. If you’re only able to travel during peak times, sometimes going at the very beginning or end of a school/public vacation can offer a little more value for money, so it’s worth comparing dates and processes across different providers.

Try and use a booking operator with a built-in price comparator tool. This will make it far quicker and easier to compare several different flight options in just a couple of clicks and work out the cheapest time to travel. 

2. Utilize Loyalty Programs and Apps

If you’re a savvy saver, the likelihood is you’ll have an array of loyalty cards and apps at your fingertips offering everything from free cups of coffee at the airport to a discount meal at your favorite restaurant abroad. However, there are some more substantial savings to be had than a free Americano! 

When it comes to eating out, try downloading a local app that won’t only point you in the right direction toward the cheapest places but also potentially snag you some additional huge discounts. Asia’s eatigo, for example, is a great option as users save up to 50% off their food bill just by booking through the app.

Many online travel agencies offer rewards and discounts for those who have signed up for their apps or loyalty programs. For example, money on services like flights and accommodation can be saved by downloading apps such as eDreams USA, which offers customers app-only discount codes and special offers. The app is particularly useful if you need to adjust aspects of your journey as you’re traveling, too. As we all know, life happens and whether it’s weather-related disruptions or a spontaneous desire to extend your trip, you ultimately hold all the control with the device in your hand.

Many hotel chains also offer loyalty programs for regular customers. The honors scheme from Hampton Inn, for example, offers significant discounts for members, as well as free services related to parking and airport shuttles.

3. Get Deals on The Travel Costs

Many cities have a rail or underground network – whilst it’s a quick and convenient way to travel, they’re also often one of the more expensive forms of transport.

Using the bus isn’t only cheaper, but you’ll be able to see a lot more of the destination. You might even spot a hidden gem or free activity that would have been missed had you been travelling underground!

Don’t forget to look at travel passes and day tickets, which can save a huge amount of money on your transport. If you’re traveling around Europe, for example, take a look at the Eurail Pass. This allows unlimited travel within a certain number of days across multiple European countries and ultimately works out far cheaper than booking individual tickets.

These systems and passes vary from place to place so you’ll need to do a bit of research – it may be that you need to pre-order and collect, upon arrival. 

4. Seek Out the Free Stuff

Tips on Finding Discounts and Deals when Traveling

Tickets for attractions and experiences soon mount up, but a quick online search of ‘free stuff to do in…’ and you’ll likely be presented with a wealth of activities, festivals, and events that won’t cost you a cent.

Many art galleries and museums refrain from charging admission fees and are often just as interesting and enjoyable as any of the places that charge high ticket prices.

Remember not everything has to have an itinerary! You can’t beat being rewarded with a beautiful view from a hill you’ve just climbed or sitting on golden sands watching the sun go down. Such experiences are often the most memorable and they won’t cost you a penny!

5. Be a Frugal Foodie

For many of us, one of the best things about going on holiday is sampling the food. However, dining out every day can work out costly.

Booking accommodation that has some self-catering facilities can save a surprising amount of money, and there’s often no better way to start the day than a coffee and a pastry from the local bakery on your own balcony!

If you do want to eat out, street food stalls and markets are a fantastic way of trying some local dishes. It’s a far cheaper way of trying some traditional cuisine and the food is often far more authentic than anything you’ll find in some of the larger restaurants or cafes.

If the thought of not visiting restaurants is too much to bear, there are still some ways you can save some cash. Firstly look at the location of the restaurant. If it’s slap-bang in a city center or right next to a famous landmark or attraction, you’ll pay a premium simply because of its location.

Try wandering down a couple of side streets or heading into a neighbouring village and you’ll be surprised at how much cheaper the food is. It’s often of a better quality too, as well as being less crowded.

6. Look After the Little Things

It’s often the little details that soon add up and can add unnecessary cost to a vacation. Getting organized and doing a little bit of planning can save a fair few dollars in the long run:

  • If you’re travelling by car, try and plan when you’re going to fill up on gas. Using service stations along the freeway will be far more expensive than those a little out of town.
  • Think about how you’re going to pay for things, as some places charge a fee to use certain types of credit cards. Find out where the free ATMs are too as some will charge you to withdraw cash.
  • As long as you’re in a place where the tap water is safe to drink, carry a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water on the go. Many places now have refill stations and not only will you save some money, but it’s better for the environment too.
  • If you’re savvy with your planning and aim to get the best deals on flights and accommodation, you’ll have already made savings before your holiday even starts.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, take yourself off the beaten track, hit the apps to find the best deals, and remember watching the sun rise over the mountains or spending a day relaxing on a beautiful beach can be just as enjoyable as any experience the charges an entry fee!