How We Travel The World and Saved $60,000

Picture this: you’re sitting on your own sunny balcony (fresh coffee in hand, of course), gazing over a beautiful Greek beach of your Pinterest dreams. You have a gorgeous pooch by your side patiently waiting for breakfast. And this is costing you nothing.

We (The Travelling Housesitters) have spent the last 3 years travelling the world looking after homes and pets. We have cared for over 29 homes, in places such as Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Ireland, The UK, France, Italy, Montenegro & Greece (up next is a catamaran in the Caribbean for 5 months!).  

During these three years, we have saved an estimated $60,000 in rent and bills and managed to travel the world (and live in some incredible places along with some adorable animals).

This type of travel allows you to slow down and really experience a city or town. We are able to find the best farmers markets, coffee shops, and restaurants (the homeowners also love giving us tips!).

Some of our favorite house sits have included:

1. Home Among the Vines

Our first house sit in Europe was 30 minutes east of Bordeaux. Our new home was set along the beautiful Dordogne river that flows all the way to Bordeaux. The home was nestled within dozens of rows of vines. The owners let us know, that as long as we kept at least one set of vines from the farmhouse you could walk thought any vineyard in the area. This ensured every morning walk with the dog was magical!

The little village we lived in had just had a boulangerie, a local wine association, and a supermarket. The baguettes were said to be the absolute best in the area (don’t worry, we tried one every day and agreed!)

2. Rome for A Month

A month in Rome was the perfect amount of time to explore! With the summertime heat of Rome, it can be hard to pack in all the incredible sights! We got to experience all the sights at a very leisurely pace.

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The extra time also allowed to find the best cafes, pizzas places and gelaterias in our neighbourhood!) Our pooch Ugo loved showing us the gorgeous parks of Rome and we managed to explore plenty on our evening walks with him.

3. Bono As A Neighbor

In Dublin, we were looking after an elderly lab named Roxy and an eight-bedroom mansion. When we arrived and ushered through the big gates. We meet Roxy, the most relaxed dog in Dublin, who only required a walk up and down the driveway every second day.

With castles, beautiful harbors and beaches Dalkey was a lovely area to live; we weren’t surprised when we learnt that Bono and Enya lived around the corner!

4. Ireland’s Most Beautiful Home

The home in Killiney, Ireland was even more luxurious than the one Dalkey and reconfirmed our love of housesitting in Ireland. This home had previously won the grand prize of “Ireland’s Most Beautiful Home.”

At this house sit, we cared for Bruno & Lance two lovely two long-haired chihuahuas, along with, Nori, a Chinese Hairless Crested and Dodo an elderly Whippet. We were a bit of sight when we headed out on our daily walks!

5. The House Overlooking Finsbury Park in London

We spent one Christmas and NYE looking after a gorgeous little kitten name Arya in London. We had views from the bedroom, lounge, and even the kitchen over the gorgeous Finsbury Park.

Arya took a while to win over, for the first few days, she would spend her time watching us from behind the Christmas tree. After a few conversations with the owners, we realized we were pronouncing her name totally wrong. Neither of being us being Games of Thrones fans, we had never heard the unusual name before. After we correcting this we started to get a lot more attention.

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Why We Love House Sitting

House sitting not only allows you to travel and save, but we have also spent over 12 months living in Melbourne, Australia (Britt’s hometown) house sitting rent free! This helped us save to begin our house sitting journey around the world.

If saving seems like an impossible task for you, even putting away $200 every month maybe hard! From high costs of rents, utility bills, and the daily commute to the workplace it can quickly add up.  Maybe you have an urgent repair on your car, have a student loan payment, want to save for a home deposit or just aspire to give yourself that vacation you always dreamed of.

With house sitting you can forget about all the daily expenses and achieve your goals faster!

Here are three ways you can save money by house sitting:

1. Rent

This is the most obvious way you can save money by house sitting, especially if this is something you do long term. In fact, there are some people that are full-time house sitters and who own home but rent it out, which means they’re able to save thousands of dollars every year by living in other people’s homes.

One of the biggest advantages is that a majority of the time we get to get to live in luxurious homes, villas or apartments we couldn’t have dreamt of affording to rent.

2. Bills

After rent, bills is where would we save the most. You don’t have to worry about the dreaded power, water, internet or phone bills coming in at the end of the month. We estimated this to save us around $80 a month, but this could be much more depending on what you’re paying now.

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3. Holidays

House sitting is a common way that people enjoy holidays in an incredible location for nothing. There are thousands of short term house sit assignments. This could be anything from a weekend to a week or two! We just have a look at dates we have free and see what options are available. Not only do you save on costly hotels, but we also have a full kitchen and washing facilities at our disposal. This makes travel much more comfortable!

Our #1 Tip For House Sitting: Build References

If you’re new to house sitting it can be hard to prove yourself. Just like your first job, you hope someone will take a chance on you.

What we find works best is looking at supply and demand. During the holiday periods and long weekends, you will see an influx of assignments. More than likely there will be more assignments than house sitters. Use this time to lock in a few assignments and ensure you get a reference from the homeowner.

If you want more tips to becoming a successful house sitter and saving yourself thousands of dollars head over to The Travelling House Sitters. We can’t wait to help you! If your interested in following our journey around the world head over to our Instagram (we are off to care a cat on a catamaran in the Caribbean for the next five months!)

By Britt Sharman

Brittnay is a professional house sitter from Australia. She has cared for animals in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, France, The UK, Ireland, Montenegro and Greece. If your looking to start house sitting yourself she has greats has some great resources, head over to the for more.