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Everything is hectic at college. You’re peddling through papers, mind filled with grade boundaries, and test scores. Consequently, striking out with a student start up can seem like a monumental waste of time and limited funds. It’s a common conclusion to come to, especially when your studies and social life pressure you otherwise.

Nevertheless, it’s time to combat the negative student stereotypes that circulate in the mainstream media. Instead of waiting tables to make ends meet, you could use that time to set up a little something of your own. After all, you went into higher education for independence! How better to be independent than to create your own opportunities?

Here are three ways to get your student start up known:

A Student Start Up for the Student!

Reputation is key to any businesses success, no matter how small or large they might be.

Whether it’s Target or a back-alley shop, they all rely to some degree on word of mouth. Consequently, to get known on the local campus, this location must be your place of operation and filled with your target demographic; the student.

With a student start up, you can reflect on what you feel is missing in your experience, and create a small business that fixes that issue. Think of the things your fellow classmates are all forgetting or leaving behind at home, and perhaps create something around that? Think hard and fill that needed niche!

By scratching that itch for students, your start up may well become that friendly face on the campus corner that is equipped for any college dilemma.

Digital Marketing

Nothing ropes in a student like a snazzy video. After all, if they’ve just spent all day in the library churning through books and notes, the last thing they might want is a nine-page leaflet thrown at them!

By creating a short, catchy video advert, this mode of marketing might just be enough to pull a young scholar out of their horrendous hangover for a few moments. Additionally, some adverts can be simple to make yet impactful, making it a cost-effective option for spreading the word. Who knows, all you might need is people and a camera!

Additionally, digital marketing can be shared across social media, boosting your brand on the likes of Facebook and Twitter and getting directly into the eyelines of the student audience. You can even ask your lecturers to spread the word themselves, posing as a passion project that is relatable to the course material!

Reliable Service

Running a start up company can’t be like snagging an extension for that devil of an essay. Your word is your bond here, and will cost you long term if you break it too often.

However, understandably other obligations will crop up during your college years, meaning that you can’t possibly handle everything yourself. Consequently, there is no shame in calling in a little backup, and whether you need some extra help in selling your service or putting your products out there, an extra pair of hands is always handy.

As a student start up, there is some wiggle room in providing your services. By outsourcing some of your reasonability’s to other companies, you can save time for study and social stuff while making money elsewhere, keeping your start up constantly active and reputable for reliability.

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