We’ve all heard the statistics: only 64% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions going after January. Odds are, you’re among those that didn’t make it.

Your sparkling-clean eating regimen went out when you celebrated your friend’s birthday with cupcakes; your plan to workout every day went out the window when you had that tight deadline at work; your goal to write early in the morning happened once, but you fell asleep on your keyboard after ten minutes – whatever your resolutions were, if you’re not even thinking about them anymore, you’re in good company.

Those goals shouldn’t be entirely dismissed, though, and put off until next January 1, when you’ll “really crack down this time.” Instead, start right now.

There’s nothing that says January 1 is the ultimate refresh date. Nor is there some magic quirk in the universe that makes the first day of the year the only time you can set goals for yourself. I could get philosophical on you and tell you that time is just a human construct and doesn’t actually mean anything, but I know we all have it ingrained in our heads that time means everything.

Just know that today or tomorrow are days just as good for setting new goals as January 1 is. So how can you get a good start on the rest of the year?

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First, set both short-term and long-term goals.

Do you want to take up running? Why not set your goal at two miles by the end of February? You want to write a novel? How about a solid outline written by March 1? Set these short-term goals to build up to your long-term goals.

Second, make sure these goals are reasonable and be true to yourself.

Are you really able to work out every day? If you can fit it in, great! And if you’re only able to fit it in three times a week, that’s great, too! Do you have an unquenchable sweet tooth that doesn’t care if you want to eat healthy? Feed it! There’s no reason to deny your body what it wants, just don’t go overboard with it.

Third, know that these things take time.

With all new habits and plans, they may take time to fall into place. Work up to that two miles, do a little bit a day on that novel, ease into becoming a morning person. And if you mess up, don’t give up! That was just a little blip in the grand scheme of things. Just kick off the next day with a commitment to getting back to your goal.

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It’ll be a process, but don’t lose hope. You’ll meet your goals and by the time next January 1 does roll around, you’ll be glad you didn’t wait. I believe in you!