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5 Side Hustles That Let You Explore Your Creative Side

Most of us may have experienced feeling that we’re in the wrong job for the right reasons. We need the money so we stuck around, wishing that someday, somehow we will be able to explore our creative sides without having to give up earning a decent amount of money.

When I realized the possibility of earning money while pursuing something I’m passionate about, I quit my unfulfilling job and never looked back. I figured, if I will be given one chance to do something that really interests me, I’ll make the most out of it and do it passionately.

I know how hard it is to find our ‘calling’ and it’s even harder to associate monetary reward to that passion. When I decided to pursue blogging, I was optimistic that it will flourish into a successful business, and sure enough, it did!

What started as a side hustle became my bread and butter, and I couldn’t be prouder of myself for taking that risk and for taking a leap of faith.

My blog has made a huge impact on the lives of women who have been looking for ways to earn money online but didn’t know where to start. My passion to help others has helped me too, in ways I couldn’t have imagined had I stayed in my ‘soul-sucking’ job.

5 Side Hustles That Lets You Explore Your Creative Side

With so many options and thousands of income-generating activities available to us now, I picked a few side hustles (apart from blogging) that can be started right away.

People who want to earn more or pursue something that allows them to utilize their creative skills could benefit a lot from these side hustle ideas. And remember, this list is to inspire you! There are also plenty of dirty ways to make money as a side hustle too.

1. Home Organizer

Some people have an inborn talent to make everything look good. They can transform any mess into something perfect. Our ability to organize things, events and places –- be it an office space of a friend or other people’s homes, can be a great side hustle.

A lot of women who’ve had great success at home organizing eventually turned their hustle into a full-time business because it provides high income and it lets them be creative.

If you think that this is the best side hustle for you, then head over to Lisa Woodruff’s website. She is a successful professional organizer and she has been doing this for a long time.

Just a note though, you might not need any qualification to start this hustle, but a certification can be helpful.

2. Online Stylist

Got a remarkable fashion sense? Use it to earn money on the side by becoming an online stylist for companies like StitchFix or Stella&Dot.

The best part about this hustle is, it’s quite flexible, and you can do it from anywhere.

It won’t be easy though, because you need to have a stellar fashion knowledge as you are going to dress people up. This hustle also requires you to work along with your clients, know their choices, lifestyle, and budget in order for you to choose the right outfit for them.

So, if you ever felt as if you were an underrated fashion queen, this hustle is for you.

3. Home Stager

I know this is something very new to many hustlers. Home staging is one of the most profitable side hustles out there. A home stager dresses up a house for it to be sold in the market.

If you have ever gone to display homes, you might have noticed the perfect interiors, well-decorated walls, and made up beds. That’s exactly what home stagers do, they make homes presentable and desirable so they can be sold at a higher price, quickly.

If you are interested in this hustle and you want to become a home stager, then head over to Debra Gould’s home staging course. She is a home staging expert who has trained many successful home stagers.

4. Travel Planner

Who doesn’t like traveling? I surely do. I bet there isn’t a single person here who will refuse the chance to earn extra by sharing valuable travel knowledge and planning travel for others.

As a travel planner, you can craft holidays for people and give them the chance to enjoy their time off without getting stressed about making travel plans.

No formal education is required and even students can start this as side hustle. You can spread the word about your skill and find interested clients right away or connect with those who are already doing this as side hustle so they can introduce you to their clients.

5. Tour Guide

There is a difference between planning vacations and taking people around tourist spots and hidden gems. If you love the city or area you are staying in and you know a lot about the places where you can take tourists to, then try hustling as a tour guide for Vayable.

The platform helps you get connected with people who are interested in touring the city and it allows you to offer your service as a tour guide.

If you want to dig deep into this hustle, then Google Alexandra Kenin of Urban Hiker SF. Alexandra went from side hustling as a tour guide to owning a tour guide business which she’s currently managing full time.

No matter which side hustle you choose, you have to make sure that it’s something that you’ll enjoy doing even if you have to do it for years. It will be a lot easier to put in extra work if you really like what you do.

Side hustles are great for many reasons. Apart from the flexibility they provide, you can also learn new skills and meet new people.

I am a stay-at-home mom but I also enjoy going outside to photograph places and people when I’m not writing a blog post for my website. Photography is my other side hustle that lets me explore my creative side and release stress.

By Sireesha Narumanchi

Sireesha is a career blogger and founder of She helps remote job seekers find legitimate online jobs, blogging tips, and side hustles through her blog. When she is not working on her blog, she is with her camera. Sireesha has been featured on websites like MyCorporation, Fairygodboss, and Timingapp.