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7 Warnings Signs Your Potential Landlord is No Good

Now, we all know just how difficult it can be to find suitable housing, especially when you live in a populated area that has all the good things going on.

Sometimes, it feels like we would happily take a cupboard under the stairs so that we can stop looking for a place to live! When a place does come around, we’re usually willing to overlook a few bad signs so that we can move in.

But hold right there, because that might be a big mistake, and will be for sure if the landlord isn’t the type of person you want as a landlord. Below, we take a look at seven bad landlord warning signs that might just save your bacon in the future.

About That Question….

Yes, we all know that you probably need the landlord more than the other way around, but really, they can answer a question for you.

If you ask something that’s important and they avoid answering (or only give vague details), then you should be questioning what they’re trying to hide. An upfront landlord will always answer straight, even if it’s an answer they’d rather not give.

Unusual Contracts

Your contract is extra important because it’s a legally binding contract. They won’t be a crook if they have the law on their side, just immoral!

Before signing anything, go through the contract extra carefully, and make a note of anything that stands out to you as unusual. When you’re next with your landlord, have them explain the parts you didn’t understand. If anything about the answer or manner throws you off, it’ll be a sign you should hightail it over to that cupboard under the stairs after all.

Health and Safety Concerns

If you can get burned when it comes to money, the worst that happens is that you’re out of pocket. If you stiffed on health and safety, then the penalty could be serious injury or worse.

Take a look at the property and look for any safety failings. You can also ask to see any documentation they might have, as well as ask about asbestos; the landlords don’t have to remove asbestos from a property, but they do have to tell you about it. It might be awkward to mention, but it’ll seem foolish to have not done when you need a mesothelioma lawyer.

Health and safety isn’t something you can compromise just because you want to live somewhere trendy.

Google is Your Friend

You better believe that your prospective landlord is getting all of your details, so why not play them at their own game?

You won’t be able to get every bit of info, but you can get enough through Google. They might have bad reviews online. You can also check out their social media profiles; if you see anything that looks a bit out of place, consider it a red flag.

Poor Communication

It’s 2017: we can all communicate at the drop of a hat. Sure, not many people pick up their phone anymore, but everyone’s into texting.

If it’s an uphill battle just trying to get hold of them to ask a question, leave them behind. If you don’t, there’ll be a time when you need to speak with them urgently, and they’re nowhere to be found.

Too Good To Be True

Sometimes, it’s not the presence of warning signs that is the problem; it’s the absence of them. If everything seems like too good to be (great location, price, perfect everything), then it’s worth digging a little bit deeper.

Check the price against others in the area, and yours is well under value without any good reason, then it probably is, alas, too good to be true.

You Get Bad Vibes

Finally, let’s not discount good old intuition. That guy has saved us before and will save us again in the future. If you meet with a landlord and don’t feel comfortable/they give off odd vibes, then back out and be a bit more patient for your place.

When you rent a place, you enter into a relationship with the landlord, and this should be based on trust and openness, not weird feelings!

For the most part, you’ll find landlords are good people who don’t want to mess anybody around. But it’s a big world, so keep your eyes and ears open for signs of untrustworthy landlords!