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6 Essentials For The Perfect Bar Cart

The guide to stocking your bar cart to be the best hostess ever!

We’ve all seen a beautifully assembled and styled bar carts. They seem to be a must-have in our homes and apartments these days. There are lots of elements that go into perfecting a bar cart that all depend on your style, tastes, and the purpose of your bar cart.

If you’re hosting family and friends, it’s important to have a full stocked bar at all times. I’ve put together a couple of items to complete the perfect bar cart:

1. The Bar Cart Itself

 You’ve got your DIY carts that you can make out of old tables or repurposing a Craigslist find. You can also purchase one from places like WayFair, Pottery Barn, and West Elm.

There are so many materials to choose from but my favorites are made of rustic wood and wrought iron, or rose gold encased carts. Just something about the rose gold and glass combination that screams classy yet a bit edgy to me. Here are a few different options to inspire you:

Bar Cart Inspiration

Wayfair – $219, Amazon – $153, Pottery Barn – $400

2. A Tray

Although the bottles of liquor and wine can be placed directly on the cart’s top, a tray can add a pop of color to the setup. A hammered copper tray or antique wooden box can hold wine glasses, glasses and a couple bottles of alcohol. You can also use a tray to hold the miscellaneous utensils a bar cart needs.

bar cart tray insp

Target – $35, Amazon – $9 (more colors available), Wayfair – $39, Wayfair – $131

3. Plants or Flowers

Bringing life to your bar cart with flowers and plants really draws the eye. With bottles of alcohol displayed, the greenery and color will provide the perfect amount of pop. Who doesn’t like a bouquet of flowers? Candles, even battery operated ones, work well too!

Tip: If you’re not good with keeping flowers and plants alive, opt for a nice faux bouquet that will last forever.

flowers, vases, and candles for a bar cart

Wayfair – $43, Target – $17, Wayfair $35, Amazon – $21, Amazon – $12 (more colors available)

4. Utensils

What else does a bar cart need? The proper utensils for mixing cocktails, of course! Utensils to consider when stocking your bar cart are:

  • An ice bucket. I love gold colored ice buckets!
  • Cocktail shaker. A cocktail shaker makes your cart look legit (like “Hey, I know a thing or two about mixed drinks”).
  • Wine opener/ bottle opener. Not all wine bottles and beer are twist-offs. You don’t want guests ripping open their hands, so invest in an opener for both. TJ Maxx is a great place to find both of these items!
  • Glasses. Of course you’ll need something to drink out of! Grab a set from your favorite store!

utensils bar cart

Amazon – $30, Target – $23, Amazon – $15, Target – $36, Target – $20

5. Decor

Aside from all of the pretty glassware and utensils filling up your cart, adding some small décor will give it some flare. What’s really in right now are pineapple statement pieces, a letter that represents your name, a tea towel, and maybe a lamp if the space needs some lighting. Selecting the right décor gives the entire cart a cohesive aesthetic.

extras bar cart

Amazon – $40, Amazon – $15, Uncommon Goods – $30-175, Target – $17

6. Artwork

The last piece to tie the entire area together is a piece of art hanging on the wall behind it. The artwork can range from a beautiful flower painting to a funny sign that says “get lit.” Whatever you’re feeling, artwork is a must behind the bar cart.

bar cart art

Amazon – $400, Target – $50, Wayfair – $37, Society6 – $51

If you want to throw the perfect party, try creating your own bar cart and becoming a host or hostess that everyone talks about.

Don’t forget to stock your cart with bottles of water! Pellegrino if you’re feeling fancy. Your home will be the new hangout and you’ll never have to have a DD again.

What’s a must-have for your bar cart?

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