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Nolah Mattress Review – Nolah Signature 12: Is It Worth It?

This post contains affiliate links. I was provided product to aid in my review. Find out more about Nolah mattresses here.

With so many mattresses available online, it’s hard to decide which one is right for you. How are you supposed to decide what kind of firmness you like? What if you are a side, back, and stomach sleeper… all in one night? In my Nolah mattress review, I hope to shed some light on an awesome mattress choice – the Nolah Signature 12”.

There are many things I like about this mattress and hardly any that I dislike. We’ll go through the Nolah Signature 12″ mattress specs, the layers of the mattress, the proprietary AirFoam™ technology, the notable features, an AirFoam™ review, and finally my personal review of the mattress.

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Nolah Mattress Review – Nolah Signature 12″

Nolah Signature 12″ Mattress Specs 

Before we dive into my personal thoughts, I wanted to cover the specs of the mattress in depth. 

Founded in 2015, Nolah is on a mission to improve your sleep and mattress buying experience. In their own words:

To create tomorrow’s mattress, Nolah started by finding a way to improve upon Memory Foam and Latex — outdated materials that are still commonly used in mattresses today. Being a technology driven company, it was essential for Nolah to leverage the latest technology to design a superior mattress. The result, after testing hundreds of foam formulations is the Nolah AirFoam™ mattress. 

The Nolah Air Foam™ mattress is 100% temperature neutral, as it doesn’t contain viscoelastic chemicals, unlike Memory Foam. It sleeps cooler than any other Memory Foam mattress (with or without cooling gel), and in performance tests, it shows 4X less peak pressure on the sleeper’s hips and back when compared with traditional Memory Foam mattresses. 

Exclusively on, consumers can shop a luxury flagship mattress for ⅓ the retail price (saving $2,000 vs. the mattress store) and try it risk-free for 120 nights in the comfort of their own home.

Shop Nolah Mattresses Here

Shop Nolah Mattresses Here

Notable features:

The Signature 12″ Mattress from Nolah has a unique design: it offers a flippable firmness with a firmer side and a softer side. This is very unique! I have never seen another mattress that does this.  

The softer side is about a 4-5 medium-soft firmness. The firmer side is around a 7-8 medium firmness:

If you are only looking for something in between, I suggest the Nolah Signature 10′‘ for you.

If you need something more, they also just recently released the Nolah Evolution 15″ which is described as:

An ultra-high-tech luxury hybrid mattress packed with advanced cooling, support, and comfort features; graphite infused AirFoamICE™, patented HDMax™ support coils, reinforced Edge-Tech™ support, and quilted comfort layer wrapped in a ArcticTex™ cover.

All Nolah mattresses also work on any kind of base – no boxsprings required!

Nolah AirFoam™ Review

AirFoam™ is a newer technology that is superior to memory foam mattresses in a few different ways.

The most important thing to note about AirFoam™ is that it doesn’t retain heat. It’s not temperature sensitive whereas memory foam actually retains heat. If you find yourself overheating at night, AirFoam™ is a material that will sold that problem for you! 

Memory foam is actually activated by body heat and needs your body het to contour to your body. AirFoam™ is not heat activated and therefore doesn’t need your body heat to perfectly support your hips and shoulders throughout the night.

Because of this technology, Nolah mattresses offers 4x less peak pressure on hips and shoulders.

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My Nolah Mattress Review

I’ve been sleeping on the Nolah Signature 12” for a few weeks now to try it out. I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant to I feel like I’ve been giving it a true test as pregnancy makes it challenging to find a comfortable sleep position!

The Set Up

FedEx delivers the mattress in a box right to your door. It’s so easy to set the mattress up. Simply take if out of the box and unroll it. The instructions say you can use it right away though it does take 24 hours to fully expand.

I like the firmer side.

I tried out both side of the mattress and I have to say that I prefer the firmer side as a personal preference. Generally speaking, I am a stomach/side sleeper but while pregnant, I spend most of my time on my side. 

My husband is most often a back sleeper and side sleeper he preferred the firmer side too. I do find him going to sleep on his stomach sometimes so know that we tested it out as many ways as possible.

I do love that the Signature 12″ gives you the option for both, though. As a family of full-on combo sleepers, it is nice to know we have multiple options all in one mattress. 

It’s even toddler approved in this house:

It’s cooling.

I’m a hot sleeper, even when not pregnant. I like that this mattress always feels a bit cool. I really despise being hot when I sleep but I also love sleeping with a blanket. This can definitely be an issue sometimes. But I was extremely comfortable with the cooling technology in the Nolah mattress — on both sides.

 If it were up to me, we would sleep in 65 degree temps every night. We do keep it a bit warmer than that for my son’s sake but it leaves me very hot most nights. It’s so nice to have a mattress that doesn’t make me hot at all! 

It is extremely comfortable.

Another thing I  wanted to note is just how comfortable it is. Both sides of the mattress (soft and firm) felt completely luxurious. The softer side has a bit more AirFoam™ but it is extremely supportive nonetheless. 

I appreciate the attention to detail in this mattress

It feels like luxury.

For a budget-friendly mattress, the Nolah Signature 12” feels incredibly luxurious. It’s so soft and comfortable. It feels and sleeps like it costs way more than what you pay!

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Nolah mattresses come with a 120-night trial period (which you can opt to remove for a discount!) so if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return it. Each mattress also comes with a lifetime warranty so you can sleep soundly on your mattress knowing Nolah’s got you covered. 

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