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10 Nature Quotes That Will Inspire You To Get Outdoors

It seems that sometimes we need a little push to set our sails free, get lost a little, and explore the unknown. Wanderlust is most common among the people who have a strong desire to explore. For most of us, we can agree that we would all love to travel the world. There’s nothing quite like exploring a new culture, food and just getting outdoors for any kind of fun.

During the fall it can be even more of a beautiful sight to go traveling, hiking, or just for a walk to gather your thoughts. I like to think of the outdoors when I think of fall, which happens to be my favorite season of the year. From the trees, the leaves on the ground, the sunsets, the mountains, the oceans, to the forests; there’s not a single sore sight to the eye during this season.

Exploring the outdoors is a way to connect with something other than our phones, busy agendas, and any other type of technology. I’m talking about just you and the outdoors; raw, real and air so fresh that you can’t help but indulge in every single breath you take. There’s no wifi out in nature, but I promise, you will not find a better connection. Whether it’s just you and the great outdoors, or being around a group of friends or your partner—there really is no other great connection that is so unique and often surprising. 

I like to think of myself as fortunate in regards to the fact that I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I live in a city where we have everything within moderate driving distance. We have several beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean to our west. Then there are endless mountains to our east, along with a great getaway in a nearby town in the desert. It’s just a two hour drive to the desert, or a two to four hour drive to the mountains for a weekend getaway, depending on where you want to go. To get to our local beaches or mountains with lakes, it’s less than 30 minutes. San Diego isn’t the only city to boast all your outdoor needs. There are many cities all over the world that have the same. All you have to do is open your eyes, do a little bit of research, then pack your getaway bag… and go.

Often it’s so easy to talk about how great it is to be outdoors. Pictures really do say a thousand words, and even more significantly, quotes do as well. The following quotes and pictures of nature should not only inspire you to get outdoors but make you want to get up and maybe be more proactive and productive when it comes to nature and nurturing your soul:

Nature Quote 1

It really does! Whether it’s getting lost on purpose or actually getting lost in direction… you’re sure to find something magical along the way.

Nature Quotes 2
Taking the easy way to explore and travel is for the lazy. Sometimes the most beautiful things in nature are best seen on foot, where no car or bike can take you.

Nature Quotes 3
It’s all about being proactive in life, especially in regards to nature. Teaching our kids the importance of it and also showing them the magical beauty of it. 

Nature Quotes 4
This has to be one of my favorites, for both quote and picture. This has to inspire you to go out at night or in general. Plus, it just might give you the push you need to go camping. Oh, the thought of nighttime camp fire, an ocean of stars and the crisp air.

Nature Quotes 5
If it’s not for travel or leisure, then maybe being outdoors to be an activist for all of nature will inspire you. What better way to show you love the outdoors than to defend all its beauty and wild life. 

Nature Quotes 6

Well said from the man with undeniable wisdom. Sometimes, it’s while connecting with nature that we can best find ourselves and therefore, our passion. I believe that being surrounded by such powerful beauty gives us courage, hope, peace of mind, and inspires us to do better.

Travel Quotes 7

Traveling shows you sides of yourself you never thought existed. It also opens your eyes to the entire world. Seeing things you never imagined, and feeling things you never really felt—all of these factors play a great part in really finding yourself and the person you are. 

Wanderlust—because deep down, everyone has wanderlust in them.

Travel Quotes 8

I’ve always been one to say that traveling anywhere you’re not familiar with will really force you to become quite humble. In retrospect, there’s nothing more humbling than coming across a piece of land that has such incredible history to it. Also, coming across a culture or community with much indifference, equally allows you to gain an understanding of the outside world. Or for lack of better words, to become engaged with people who live lives completely opposite to ours.

Travel Quote 10 Let’s face it: The great outdoors has this special quality of being absolutely spontaneous. In the same respect, so does love. What better way to explore the outdoors when it’s for love. Being with that special someone under a full moon, watching a sunset, or even going for a walk will inspire you to be one with nature and your partner.

What’s your favorite nature quote?

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