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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Here are some ideas that I would not only be thrilled to receive as a mom but have tried out and am happily gifting myself.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A Mother’s Day Boarderie

If your mom is a cheese and charcuterie lover, the Limited Edition Mother’s Day Diletto Board is the perfect tasting for her to enjoy this Mother’s Day!

This cheese and charcuterie board arrives ready to eat. With 19 hand-selected artisan cheeses, meats, dried fruits, nuts, olives, chocolates and crackers to try, there is something for everyone.

I recently had my first Boarderie… and let me tell you, I will be ordering these for EVERYONE!

Book of the Month Membership

If your mom loves to read, consider a Book of The Month membership! Each month she’ll get to pick out a new read suited to just her tastes. You really can’t go wrong with this one!

Caraway Home Cookware and Bakeware

Caraway offers the most beautiful non-toxic cookware and bakeware that your mom will LOVE cooking in for years and years to come. It comes in the most gorgeous colors and there are plenty of options to pick from.

The Essential Capsule from Brightland

The perfect foursome of essentials to complement and round out any kitchen. The Essential Capsule includes our signature extra virgin olive oil Duo and fruit-infused vinegar Pair made on small family farms in California. Includes:

The Favorites Trio from La Tourangelle

Featuring three American-grown and produced oils, the Favorites Trio includes a walnut oil, a toasted sesame oil, and an avocado oil to enhance the flavor of your mom’s favorite dishes!

They also offer a trio set that includes a truffle oil that looks aboslutely divine!

Jot Coffee Gift Set

For the mama who is the ultimate coffee lover (hello, pretty much all moms!), Jot Coffee makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

One bottle of Jot makes 14 cups. It’s a concentrated form of liquid coffee and one tablespoon is all you need to make the perfect cup!

Turn it into a latte, cappuccino, coffee with cream, iced coffee, and even affogato! The options are endlessly delicious.

A Tesalate Beach Towel

Say hello to original sand-free beach towel! These double-sized towels from Tesalate are ultra-absorbant, compact, and dry rapidly all while being completely sand-free!

These are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day since summer is right around the corner! Pick from towels and blankets in an incredible selection of designs – you really can’t go wrong!

Shop at Tesalate

Skylar Perfume

Skylar has created clean, fine fragrances that smell AMAZING (including their newest scent – Honeysuckle Dream).

Their dreamy and nature-inspired scents are hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin, and eco-friendly. They are transparent with their ingredients and create amazing fragrances that last.

Pique Tea

This Mother’s Day, you can really show Mom you care by sharing the health and energy benefits that a luxurious Pique daily ritual can bring:

  • Morning: Start the day with an antioxidant-packed Oolong tea for immune support, healthy digestion and that all-important energy boost.
  • Lunch: Follow on with a cool Mint Sencha as the temperature climbs and enjoy the additional benefits of increased satiety, a healthy metabolism and lower caffeine.
  • Evening: Relax and wind down the stresses of the day with a warm, non-caffeinatedHibiscus Beauty Elixir that uses powerful antioxidants to support calm and radiant skin.

And best of all–for every $150 spent you can enjoy a complimentary spring-designed pouch containing samples of our best-selling items that support improved immunity, radiant skin, reduced anxiety and healthy collagen!

Treat Mom to some Daily Radiance Vitamin C for smoother brighterskin, Sun Goddess Matcha tea for immune support and reduced anxiety and Oolong tea for improved metabolism and healthy digestion.

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