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6 Medical-Adjacent Careers To Consider

Running a health-related business can be a fascinating endeavor, especially in difficult times like these. Not only can it be lucrative, but you’ll also be able to provide help to those in need of your service. Apart from that, you’ll serve people who are not in their best health, and at the same time use new advanced technologies and the latest knowledge.

You don’t have to be a nurse or doctor to work in a medical-related field. There are many options available to you.

Even without a medical background, you can be a successful entrepreneur and run your business with specialists’ support. Health is a priority for all of us, and once we face some health problems, we would do anything to solve our problems. Additionally, there are loads of money invested in care and research, so that it is an excellent chance to use it as the source of potential income.

6 Medical-Adjacent Careers To Consider

1. Health-related App

With IT support, you can set up a smartphone application that can have various functions. Once the pandemic era has started, patients have spent hours on hold to set a doctor appointment. An app through which a user can contact a specialist within a few clicks can meet the market’s expectations.

Another option is a holistic health-related app to measure one’s sleep quality, metabolic age, help to maintain mental wellness or a balanced diet. Check if your technical skills can meet the need and which health-related fields could benefit from a well-designed app.

2. Home Care Service

Home care services help those with special needs who do not want to be hospitalized but require additional special care. To run a business like that, you need specialized professionals with a nursing degree who have practical medical knowledge and access to equipment to control your patients’ health state. 

Before you go on a spending spree, make sure to check which devices are necessary to provide your clients with proper health care. Depending on the diagnosis, you might need equipment like oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, or bathroom aids. However, if you are not a qualified specialist, be sure that you do not overpay while equipping. At the same time, we recommend checking the respirators and life alert cost comparison to be sure that you have picked the one to help your potential patients.

3. Pharmaceutical Distribution

In 2019 pharma revenues worldwide totaled 1.25 trillion U.S. dollars, almost twice as much as in 2006. New advancements in the field can allow you to distribute drugs and set up a company that could give you a sustainable business. You can choose whether to team up with a drug manufacturer or figure out your own. Find your niche, enter the pharmacy market, and you won’t regret it!

4. Acupuncture

Think about all the alternative medicine businesses that gained popularity recently. Chinese, Indian, and Far Eastern medicine offer solutions that can be spa-related aside from being beneficial for health. Acupuncture or therapeutic feet massages are of great interest and are often chosen instead of Western medicine.

To be an acupuncturist, you need to have qualifications, but you can consider hiring a specialist and implementing acupuncture to your spa center or alternative medicine facility.

5. Herbalist

Before embarking on a business venture, get necessary information about medicinal herbs, gain certifications, and credibility.

Plenty of prospective clients prefer natural medicine to drug medication and choose herbalists instead of pharmacies. The ecological lifestyle has led many people to choose to live in peace with nature and avoid medication. As a result, this niche is profitable for a vast group of clients. You can choose whether to go into clinical herbalism, retail, or farming.

6. Sleep Technology

In the 21st century, the era of constant rush and fast pace of life, most of us suffer from sleep deprivation. It’s often caused by the stressful life and problems with falling asleep or lack of time to have proper eight hours of deep sleep. Hence people are searching for a solution to this problem as it can cause severe damage to the body and lower the quality of life.

Sleep technology centers have started developing recently, and they gather specialists who help patients with sleep disorders or prescribe medicines other than well-known melanin. Go into that niche, and check if, in your city, the sleep technology center already exists.

Starting a health-related business is seizing the opportunity that the flourishing healthcare industry offers you. If you think about going into this type of niche, remember to have qualified support and healthcare professionals to fulfill the criteria.

The need for a health facility will never decrease. We live longer now, and we want to spend this time in decent health. Because of that, going into the health-related market is a sustainable long-term idea for a business. Check in which fields the specialistic certificates are required and make sure if there are additional ways in which your company could acquire any additional funds.