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A World of Wanderlusting: Maui


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Maui Hawaii in general is pure and utter bliss. I’m pretty sure it’s my happy place and I honestly don’t know what I would do without having that one place I just want to go back to at my earliest convince.

Hawaii has a lot to offer specifically on the two busier islands-Maui and Oahu! Maui is absolutely stunning, as is all of Hawaii, but I find Maui to have much more of a laid back atmosphere than Oahu. Whether you are coming to Maui to enjoy a honeymoon or adventure your way through this wonderful island, there is something to do for everyone!

Maui 2

3 things you should most definitely do while in Maui:

1. Go check out the sunrise on Haleakala! What a stunning view there is from the top of this mountain. You have to get up early for this, but is completely worth it! There are tours available that will bring you up the mountain and let you bike ride down but these are pretty costly and in my opinion aren’t worth it. It’s way better to get a couple extra hours of sleep and drive up the mountain by yourself.

2. Whale watching! Assuming you are in Maui during the whale season you should definitely book a tour to go and see some whales! When we were there in February, we saw no less than 15 whales, many of them jumping out of the water. It was absolutely amazing and our boat was able to get pretty close to the whales. We saw many of them competing for mates and we even saw baby whales which was amazing, and such a great experience!

3. Black and red sand beaches! The black and red sand beaches are on opposite sides of the island, but are both completely breathtaking. They are well worth the long, and sometimes windy drive to the the secluded area. My advice would be to to get up early to make the drive and pack a picnic to have on either of the beaches.

Maui 1

Of course there is much more to do on this beautiful island. If you are like me, you will definitely want to spend plenty of time lazing on the beach and soaking up the rays.

Some others may be more adventurous and want to do things like taking a day trip to other islands, ziplining, or hiking to some close by waterfalls. Regardless of what you end up doing in Maui, I promise it won’t disappoint! Even something as simple as walking along the beach is 100% more special on this magical island.


Maui 3

Are you from Maui or have you been? Any tips that I’ve missed or places to visit and things to do for the inevitable return trip?

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