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Lovevery Play Kit Review: Is It Worth It? Montessori Toys For Babies and Toddlers

If you’re like me, as a new parent, you’re searching for a Lovevery Play Kit review and wondering – is it worth it? I have been subscribed to Lovevery for almost 18 months now. And overall, I have to say, the Lovevery Play Kits are absolutely worth the money.

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Of course, there have been a handful of items throughout the nine play kits we’ve gotten that I haven’t loved but that’s okay. The things my son plays with daily make it completely worth the investment to me as I would pay more per individual toy if I were to seek them out otherwise.

Overall the items in the Lovevery check a lot of my boxes:

  • they are Montessori-inspired
  • don’t make noise
  • are wooden and made from sustainable materials
  • feature real people 
  • they are child-led
  • they teach important skills and develop fine motor skills 

My son is a huge fan and still plays with some of his baby play kit toys even now at almost two years old. None of these kits or products were sent to me – we purchased them ourselves! 


What is Lovevery?

Lovevery is a toy subscription service for babies, and more recently, toddlers up to age 3. The curated kits are delivered to your door every 2-3 months depending on age range. 

Each kit is designed for a specific age range based on you child’s development. The Lovevery play kits are curated and designed by child development experts to meet your child where they are at. It’s perfect for parents who want to thoughtfully enrich their child’s environment.


Lovevery Play Kit Review: Is It Worth It?

Lovevery works on a subscription-based model. They currently have 14 Play Kits available.

The baby Play Kits are $80 each, ship every two months, and include:

1. The Looker Play Kit: 0-12 weeks

This Play Kit includes a mobile, standing card holder, simple black and white card set, three sensory links, complex black and white card set, black and white mittens, a wooden book, a silicone rattle with a removable ball, and the play guide.

Read my The Looker Play Kit review here.

2. The Charmer Play Kit: 3-4 months

This Play Kit includes a wooden rattle, rolling bell, soft book, mirror card, black and white card set, a crinkle bag, a silicone beaded teether, a rubber triangle teether, hand to hand discs, a framed mirror, and a play guide.

3. The Sensor Play Kit: 5-6 months

This Play Kit includes a spinning rainbow, a magic tissue box, magic tissues, a Montessori ball, ‘Parts of Me’ book, play socks, tummy time wobbler, and a play guide.


4. The Inspector Play Kit: 7-8 months

This Play Kit includes a ball drop box, a wooden ball set, ‘My First Signs’ board book, ‘Things I See’ texture cards, nesting stacking dripdrop cups, first puzzle, felt balls, a treasure basket, a drinking cup, and a play guide.

5. The Explorer Play Kit: 9-10 months

This Play Kit includes first blocks, a clear tube stacking rings and baby ball, Montessori egg, shapes bean bags, zipper pouch, little grip canister set, ‘How I Feel’ board book, ‘Opposites’ board book, peek-a-book blanket, and a play guide.

6. The Thinker Play Kit: 11-12 months

This Play Kit includes baby Avery, sliding top box, ‘Animals I See’ mini book, wooden stacking stones, pincer puzzle, first wallet, big spender cards, wood coins, opposite balls, and a play guide.


The toddler Play Kits are $120 each, ship every three months, and include:

7. The Babbler Play Kit: 13-15 months

This Play Kit includes slide and seek ball run, bunnies in a felt burrow, flexible wooden stacker, circles of friends puzzle, wooden coin bank and coins, carrot lid with carrots for coin bank, posting lid for coin bank, ‘Bedtime for Zoe’ board book, and play guide.

8. The Pioneer Play Kit: 16-18 months

This Play Kit includes race and chase ramp, community garden puzzle, ‘Max and Nana go to the park’ board book, thread-able bead kit, drawstring bag, wooden stacking peg board, fuzzy bug shrub, and play guide. 

9. The Realist Play Kit: 19-21 months

This Play Kit includes the lockbox, count and slide ring chute, geo shapes puzzle, ‘Bea Gets a Checkup’ board book, quilted critter pockets, really real flashlight, grooved pitcher and glass, play guide.

10. The Companion Play Kit: 22-24 months

This Play Kit includes wooden posting stand, mosaic button board, ‘Graham turns 2’ board book, transfer tweezers and felt stars, Montessori animal match, drawstring bag, the buckle barrel, chunky wooden jigsaw puzzle, and a play guide. 

11. The Helper Play Kit: 25-27 months

This Play Kit includes running sink with plates and cups, drop and match dot catcher, felt flowers in a row, double sided sunny day puzzle, art kit, routine cards, ‘Making Muffins’ board book, and play guide.

12. The Enthusiast Play Kit: 28-29 months

This Play Kit includes the every which weigh scale and pails, the sort and stack peg puzzle, pinkies up picnic set, squeaky clean squeegee set, sticky shapes glue station, ‘My Favorite Nature Buddy’ board book, and a play guide. 

13. The Investigator Play Kit: 30-33 months

This Play Kit includes the twist and pivot pattern puzzle, the match and tap hammer box, liquid lab set, the countdown color timer, things that move memory match, jump-in eco hoops and organic cotton bean bags, the ‘Play Date’ board book, and a play guide. 

14. The Free Spirit Play Kit: 34-36 months

This Play Kit includes a wooden camper with locking doors, van go outdoor adventure, wooden counting peg box, land and sky two-part puzzle board, solid wood stacking boulders, reach for the stars matching cards, ‘Now That I’m 3’ board book, and a play guide.


Is Lovevery Worth The Money?

In my opinion, yes Lovevery is worth the money.

Baby toys get expensive as it is and the cost can really add up! I love knowing that developmentally-appropriate toys will show up at my doorstep every few months. 

The toys and items included in the kits, from what I have seen so far, are very high quality. I’ve also seen items from Lovevery being re-sold for quite a bit on resale sites. So keep in mind, too, that once you are done with your kits, you can resell them and make a decent buck back. 

As we all know, babies are expensive so I like to know when things have a good resale value. It’s an extra bonus in my book!

Pricing Per Kit

As far as pricing goes when you do the math, each item is generally somewhere between $11-18, roughly. 

That said, I don’t think it’s fair to price little items and big items the same way. For example, if a kit contains a book, think of that book as costing around $5 and a bigger toy costing around $25. Make sense? Overall, though, I do think the value is there, especially if you plan to use these toys for multiple children for years to come. 

Unboxing and Opening The Play Kits

When we open the play kits, we tend to pull everything out at once. I do generally hold back some toys though so that I have new things to introduce over the next few months. 

As fun as it is to open it all at once, I think holding them back and slowly introducing each toy makes for the best overall experience.


The Play Guides – A Great Parental Resource from Lovevery

Each Play Kit comes with a play guide which is honestly one of my favorite parts of the subscription. These guides are full of ideas and alternative ways to play with the items included.

I don’t feel like  always have the most creative mind so to me, it’s so nice that they include a thoughtfully prepared and easy to follow guide to inspire you! 

What else is great from Lovevery?

While I haven’t personally tried everything the brand sells, there are two other things I highly recommend. They also make great gifts for a baby shower or first birthday.

The Play Gym

My son was obsessed with the Play Gym as an infant. It kept him entertained for hours and hours and was definitely one of my best baby purchases.

In my opinion, it has pretty much everything you need in a play gym for tummy time. And it’s also beautiful! I love the overall aesthetic of it. 

It also grows up with your child and turns into a tent after thy have outgrown the infant feature. Here’s my son playing on the mat at 5 months old:

The Block Set

My son is obsessed with the Block Set! As soon as Lovevery released this, I knew we had to pick it up for him. I got it around 18 months and it is one of his toys he plays with every single day. I did a review video, which you can watch below:

You can also read my full block set review here!


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