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G20Reads: 4 Reasons To Read Aliza Licht’s “Leave Your Mark”

Are you a career-driven girlboss who wants to make an impact? You need to read this book!

GenTwenty recently shared a photo on Instagram that included Aliza Licht’s book Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It In Your Career. Rock Social Media. There was a surprising amount of interest in the book, mostly the community wanted to know: is it worth reading?

In short, yes, it is more than worth your time.

If you have no idea who Aliza Licht is, don’t worry, many of us outside of the fashion world didn’t either until she was revealed to be the voice behind DKNY PR GIRL on Twitter and wrote a book. As the SVP of Global Communications at Donna Karan New York, Aliza became widely known not only for her professional success and work ethic, but also as her alter and anonymous ego behind the DKNY PR GIRL Twitter account. She is a University of Maryland College Park alum (yes, we share an alma mater ? ) where she studied Neurobiology & Physiology. Yet she managed to switch industries completely, and later down the road, establish a unique voice in the digital space that ultimately launched her path to entrepreneurship.

Her career path is fascinating, and yet not unattainable. Luckily for us, her passion for mentorship and community over competition is beneficial for those of us who feel unsure about how we will leave our own mark.

4 Reasons To Read Leave Your Mark:

1. You need a mentor (and she’s available).

The entire book is written as a virtual mentorship. Aliza walks us all through her career path, including her revelation to pursue a completely different industry once she was three years deeps into her neurobiology and physiology degree program.

As a generation who hates to be boxed in, we can all relate to this particular predicament. What will help you differentiate yourself from the crowd is an experienced mentor who has your best interest in mind.

After publishing her book, Aliza launched her own virtual mentorship called #AskAliza. She aims to help young women reach their career dreams and is sharing her advice and connections to help you do that. She responds to every email and most tweets, so don’t be afraid to reach out and connect with her here!

2. You don’t have a clear brand (and you’re not sure where to start).

Your personal brand is what people know you for. It’s not just a pretty website or a long resume, it’s following through on every action, being accountable and present, it’s standing out for positive reasons, and owning up to when you don’t.

For most industries, it is necessary for individuals to have an online brand these days. The internet has valuable career opportunities, it changes the way we interact with each other, and it creates a digital record of our movements.

On that note, with your online brand, you have the opportunity to control what people see when they Google you by creating your own content. Do it on your personal website, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Leave Your Mark will show you how to navigate those tricky waters.

3. You struggle to find relevant experience.

With industry switching so common, it’s difficult for us to find relevant and applicable experience. Aliza has experience from all rungs of the ladder that will help you hash out key strategies for finding and taking advantage of that experience.

This is not for those who lean away from hard work. True success is hard. It often requires late nights, getting out of your comfort zone, and putting yourself on the line. That said, Leave Your Mark, will open your eyes to unseen opportunities and metaphorical lily pads that will allow you to jump from one seemingly unrelated position to another.

4. You want to make an impact (but you’re still shy about it).

The title of the book says it all, doesn’t it? We all want to leave our own mark and make an impact in the careers we’re pursuing. We’re a generation of people who care deeply about each other and making the world a more positive place. Despite wanting these things desperately, many of us aren’t sure how to go about making it happen.

Luckily, we also believe passionately in community over competition — there is room for everyone to succeed. This entire book is all about making an impact and leaving your mark. You’re going to feel like you and the author are chatting over coffee as she spills her secrets.

Throughout the book, you’ll find yourself taking copious notes and marking pages with confidence boosters, strategies, and insider tips for defining the impact you want to make and turning it into reality.

Ultimately, Leave Your Mark is one of the best career books for young women out there. Complementary to Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSSLeave Your Mark is a practical mentorship for career-driven women everywhere.

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Have your read Leave Your Mark? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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