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7 Job Boards You Should Be On That Aren’t LinkedIn

While LinkedIn offers lots of opportunities to find a job, that’s not the only place you want to be looking if you are serious about your job search. In today’s post I’m sharing seven job boards that also host great job opportunities. 

7 Job Boards You Should Be On That Aren't LinkedIn

7 Job Boards You Should Be On That Aren’t LinkedIn

These job boards have a mix of job postings on them. If you’d like to find job boards that are based on your industry check out this website.

I recommend looking at both types of job boards. The bigger ones are more broad, and have more competition, but they also offer more job postings as well. Whereas the industry-specific job boards are more curated to what you are looking for, but they may not have as many job postings in your location.

1. Indeed

job boards that aren't linkedin

When you think of looking for jobs this job board is most likely one of your first stops. There are many benefits to using Indeed for your job search, but also a few drawbacks.

With it being such a well-known site there are a lot of postings compared to other job boards. It’s also very simple to use as you search for the position/company you want. You can even create a resume there with their resume builder. Some disadvantages of Indeed is that it can be really competitive since it’s such a well known site. There are also chances of job scams and outdated listings on there. 

Overall it’s a great place to start your search, but I wouldn’t rely solely on Indeed.

2. Glassdoor

glassdoor job board

Glassdoor is a big job board just like indeed, but they provide a little more insight about the companies than Indeed does. When you look at a position on Glassdoor you’ll also find information like company reviews, salary information, company ratings, and more.

This is great information to have to help you determine if this is a company you want to work for. Obviously the larger the company the more reviews they will have.That means it may be hard to get that type of information for a small company that you are interested in.

Glassdoor is a great place to get a glimpse at the company culture of the place you are applying for. It’s a great place to find a variety of job listings.

3. ZipRecruiter

zip recruiter

This job board is different from the others because it uses AI to match you with job opportunities. Like Indeed, ZipRecruiter has a resume builder that helps you share your experience with possible employers directly on the app.

The platform sends out your resume to over 100 job boards. While this increases your chance of being seen, it also increases the chance for scam posts to appear. Another potential negative is the amount of times you get notified via email. It can be quite overwhelming sometimes.

This platform is a great place to get matched up with opportunities that fit your skill set and preferences, if you don’t mind all the emails.

4. Handshake


If you are a student or recent graduate, Handshake is for you. Check to see if your school has an account with the company. This job board features internships, part time, and full time job opportunities for entry level positions. These companies are often specifically looking for recent college graduates. Handshake even does virtual job fairs and other events to aid in your job search. 

Handshake is a great tool to utilize as you start your job search to begin your career. 

5. Career Contessa

career contessa job board

Career Contessa is a career advice blog for women that also includes a curated job board. The jobs span across different industries, locations, and experience levels. The search tools will help you refine your search to only feature jobs that fit your criteria. The downside of this being a smaller job board is that you don’t have a lot of options to apply to. The good news is that the job board gets updated regularly and you can even sign up to get email updates.

This job board posts positions from great companies, but since it is smaller I would pair it with a bigger one to get the most of your job search.

6. The Muse

the muse

This is another career advice blog/job board combination. It’s similar to Career Contessa in the fact that there are search tools you can use to find the postings that appeal to you. One key difference about The Muse that is pretty cool is that they have company information as well. There is a whole tab on the site dedicated to learning about the company culture of some of the big companies you’ll find job opportunities for.

I’d also recommend pairing The Muse with a bigger job board so that you get access to smaller company postings if that is something you are interested in.

7. Well Found

well found

If you are interested in joining a startup, Well Found is the job board for you. What’s great about this job board is that it’s simple to use and easy to apply to as many jobs as you want. All you need to do is fill out your profile and include your skills and preferences. Then to apply you just click Apply and you’re done. With over 100,000 jobs you are sure to find the job for you.

This is a great job board option if you are interested in the startup space.

Now that you know what job boards you need to be on, it’s time to start searching. Which one will you be going to first? Let me know in the comments.

job boards to explore
job boards to explore

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