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The Importance of LinkedIn 

LinkedIn Profile

Twenty-somethings have grown up with social media. From middle school through college, social media has been part of their lives. However there’s one social networking site they likely don’t think about until entering the so-called real world. In many ways, this site can be the most important of all. Enter LinkedIn, a virtual one-stop shop for job postings, resumes, and business connections.

LinkedIn was launched in 2003 as a professional networking site. Users sign up and create public profiles in order to network with others. Profiles include work experience, education, skills, awards and recommendations. Users can then begin connecting with people they know. Say your coworker is on LinkedIn. Once you make a profile, connect with him or her. The more connections you have, the easier it is to stay in touch!

LinkedIn may seem like a static website, where things only change whenever people transition to new jobs or schools. However LinkedIn can be used on a weekly basis. Users can join groups on the site, like ones for the industry or schools they attended. They can also discuss important trends or news they’ve noticed.

The options continue to grow on LinkedIn, making it a can’t-miss opportunity for young professionals. Job postings are also everywhere on the site, giving professionals new insights into work opportunities.

However, since many twenty-somethings may not have had a steady stream of jobs beyond part-time gigs, they can make mistakes on the site. The important part is to present yourself in the best way possible. This can be achieved in a number of simple ways.

Below are some general tips to making your LinkedIn profile top notch (and landing you a job in the process). Take advantage of them!

Take a solo, clean-cut profile picture. A profile picture is essential for a good LinkedIn profile. Take a headshot against a plain backdrop and wear business-professional attire. It will show you are serious about your future career!

Customize your URL. When you sign up for LinkedIn, it will give you a URL with the number of your profile. Change it to your name, that way you can easily direct people to

Seek out recommendations. If you’ve had a few jobs before, ask a previous employer or colleague for a recommendation. It will look impressive that other professionals are willing to offer compliments. 

Add brief, but well-written descriptions of your jobs. Share some of the things you did for those jobs. Don’t just list titles. It will help reveal more about your past responsibilities and experiences. Use action verbs when describing how you contributed. 

Apply for jobs when you can! If you’re in the market for a new job, begin applying. Job postings are incredibly popular, so make sure you apply for a number of them to increase your chances.

Happy networking!

Have any tips for maximizing your LinkedIn profile? Share your secrets with us!

About the Author

Molly Berg

Molly is a graduate student at UGA studying mass communication and public relations. Her interests include social media, marketing research, traveling, writing, and networking.


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