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How to Look Stylish Even When You’re Sweaty

Many people like the summer season as it is a great time to enjoy different activities outdoors. You can head to the park for a picnic or a stroll without worrying about the weather ruining your plans. But an extra hot day can become bothersome when you start sweating and get sweat stains on your clothes.

Some individuals encounter a similar problem even if the weather is not too warm. These people usually have a medical condition that makes them sweat excessively, called hyperhidrosis. It can affect various parts of the body, but the face and scalp, underarms, palms of the hand, and soles of the feet are the most commonly affected areas. To adapt to their condition, people with hyperhidrosis have to be selective with their wardrobe choices. 

Whether you have hyperhidrosis or are looking for ways to look fresh in spite of the heat, here are some style tips on how you can enhance your comfort and keep your sweat from ruining your outfit.

How to Look Stylish Even When You’re Sweaty

Choose Breathable Fabrics

The first thing to check when you are selecting clothes is the fabric or material they are made from. The best choices are cotton and linen because they can absorb sweat and dry quickly. On the other hand, fabrics like silk and polyester can trap heat and make sweat stains more obvious.

Clothing made from cotton and linen come in a wide range of stylish designs. You’ll be able to find many outfit options for both casual and corporate occasions. Choose tops and bottoms in these lightweight fabrics so that your outfit is optimized to keep you cool. A popular pants option is cotton leggings because they are both stylish and comfortable. Some legging designs even resemble denim, which allow you to look like you’re wearing jeans but enjoy a lighter fabric. 

When you shop for denim leggings, make sure to look for a pair made from cotton. Some leggings may even have other features that can help you stay sweat-free, such as moisture-wicking capabilities. This allows moisture to be pulled away from your body and drawn to the exterior of the fabric so sweat can evaporate quickly. In this way, even if leggings are worn close to the body, you don’t get that sweaty wet feeling.

Opt for Loose-Fitting Clothing

Loose and flowy clothing ensure there is enough ventilation in what you are wearing, which helps to keep sweat at bay. Choose designs that won’t cling to your body, like maxi dresses or tops with large armholes and wide necklines. The objective is to let air flow through your outfit so that you can keep cool. Having the fabric hang loose on your body also minimizes the contact with skin, so you have less chances of getting sweat stains or marks on your clothes.

Loose-fitting clothing may be an option if you want to wear fabrics that aren’t so breathable. Otherwise, you can wear tight-fitting clothes as long as they have moisture-wicking capabilities.

Select Light Colors and Make Use of Patterns

In the summer, it’s best to wear clothes in light and pastel colors because they can reflect light and don’t trap heat. Unlike darker shades like black and navy blue that absorb light and heat, light-colored clothing can actually help you stay cooler. But be careful when wearing white clothing. Although white is a light color, it is not very good at hiding sweat stains. Sweat stains can be more apparent when white clothes become saturated with moisture.

Another option is to wear clothes with patterns as the design can distract the eyes from noticing areas with sweat stains. Experiment with different patterns and use them to draw attention away from parts of the body where you experience the most sweating. 

Dress in Layers

While many people associate dressing in layers as a practical method to keep warm in the winter, it can also be used to stay cool in the summer and to conceal excessive sweating.

To do this, wear something thin and light as the first layer, like a tank top. Then put on something flowy over it. This way, even if you start sweating, the stains won’t appear on the outer garment. It can also help to choose undershirts with moisture-wicking or breathable properties to make sure you stay cool and comfortable on a hot day.  

Keep Accessories to a Minimum

While accessories can help enhance an outfit, it’s best to tone them down in the summer or if you sweat a lot. Wearing chains or beads around your neck or wrists prevents you from staying cool and comfortable. The reason this happens is because heat is trapped when multiple pieces of jewelry are in direct contact with your skin, especially in your body’s key cooling points.

Something similar happens when you carry a backpack or a bag that straps on to your body. It can add to the uncomfortable feeling you have when your body temperature starts to rise. Also, having the additional weight so close to your body can make you sweat more. Instead, opt for a small handbag or tote that you can hold in your hand and carry away from your body. By creating space and keeping your bag contents minimal, you’ll be able to move better and feel more at ease.

Apply Some Antiperspirant

Sweat stains on your outfit can be unpleasant, but if they come with a stinky odor, they can be very embarrassing. While spraying perfume can make you smell good, it won’t help stop you from sweating. If you experience excessive sweating in your underarms, one of the best solutions is to apply antiperspirants.

Antiperspirants are designed to block the sweat ducts and reduce the amount of sweat released by the body. They are often made from aluminum chloride and other aluminum compounds. If you have hyperhidrosis and need more intense formulations, get antiperspirants labeled as extra or clinical strength.

Carry Backup Clothes

There are times when you just can’t avoid sweating. In such cases, the best thing to do is bring some extra clothes. This can be very helpful when you have different events to attend for the day. For example, you may need to be in a business meeting in the morning and head to a conference later in the afternoon. You can change between the activities to remain presentable and stylish. You can also pack some wet wipes to refresh yourself before putting on your change of clothes. 

Looking stylish can be challenging when you have sweat stains on your outfit, but you can make  wardrobe choices to help you stay cool and fashionable all year long. You can follow some of the tips mentioned above or experiment with different clothing selections that work best for you. In case you feel your sweating has become excessive and harder to manage, consult a physician immediately. 

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