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How to introduce your significant other to your parents


If you are bringing your significant other to meet your parents, chances are things are getting pretty serious. Or perhaps your mom is just nosy and wants to know who has her daughter so smitten. Either way, the time has come to bring your charmer to meet the folks. It is a nerve-racking time for everyone. You are probably hoping that your parents will like him. He is probably hoping not to make a fool of himself and to earn their stamp of approval. Your parents, well, they are probably praying that you found yourself a nice guy instead of the biggest and baddest dude in town. As much as everyone is worried, it is also an exciting time and a big step in your relationship! We have some tips for you to help the introduction go smoothly…for everyone.

Ease your boyfriend’s nerves.
Whether he shows it or not, your boyfriend is most likely nervous regardless of all of the sweet things that you have told him about your family. Reassure him by letting him know that there is a reason that you are choosing to bring him to meet them. Let him know that you are by his side and will do your part to make sure the meeting is as cool as a cucumber.

Make it fun.
Try to keep the mood light. Pick an activity that is simple yet fun. For one, this will boost the chances that everyone enjoys themselves and will make it easier for you, your boyfriend and family to have a good time. It will also ensure that everyone has the opportunity to interact with each other and get a feel for the different personalities. Putt putt golf, bowling, or a fun dinner are some neat ideas.

Give everyone some information.
Please give your parents some background information on your darling boyfriend. Your dad will interrogate him anyway, but he will not want to go in there blind. Also tell your boyfriend a little about your folks. He will want to have an idea of what they are like as well. Do be careful though. You do not want to give either too much of the right or wrong kind of information. You want everyone to make up their own minds about each other. Let it be organic.

Keep it respectful.
Come on ladies, these are your parents after all. Take it seriously. Tell your boyfriend not to show up in his usual muscle shirt and jeans. A collared shirt is more appropriate. Watch the PDA in front of your folks. Your dad will not respect a guy who is smothering his daughter right in front of him. Remind your boyfriend to use his manners. None of that belching that you find strangely adorable. Finally, let him know how to address your parents properly.

Good luck ladies! We hope your parents adore him just as much as you do.

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Geralyn Dexter

Geralyn holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Florida and a MS in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. She is currently working on a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. She enjoys reading, yoga and art. Within the next three years, she hopes to complete her doctorate and transition from practicing therapy in a community setting to having her own private practice.