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How to Figure out Your Exact Body Type (No Fruit Shapes!)

title photo: How to Figure out Your Exact Body Type (No Fruit Shapes!)

I recently came upon a YouTube Channel that discusses body types outside of the typical ‘apple or pear’ shapes that I’m always hearing about. The idea is based on David Kibbe’s theory of the 13 body types, and that everyone has a mix of both yin (traditionally feminine) and yang (traditionally masculine) features.

For example, I’m a Romantic, with predominantly yin features. Learning what types of clothes fit my body type best has made buying flattering clothing so much easier, and made me much less likely to buy into fads and trends that will not flatter me.  

In this article, I’ll give a brief overview of the 13 body types, celebrity examples of each, and a test you can take to see which body type best describes you. 

How to Figure out Your Exact Body Type (No Fruit Shapes!)


Dramatics have a lot yang or traditionally masculine features. Tall, chiseled, angular bone structure.

Famous Dramatics: Cate Blanchett, Claire Danes, Jamie Lee Curtis, Joan Crawford, Tilda Swinton, Taylor Swift

Soft Dramatic

Soft Dramatics have the same Dramatic bone structure but with more yin, or traditionally feminine characteristics. Still tall and angular but with some fleshier parts and typically a fuller face.

Famous Soft Dramatics: Barbra Streisand, Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara, Sophia Loren, Rita Hayworth


Naturals have a more balanced bone structure. More yang than yin. Moderate tallness, slightly wider face, broader shoulders and hips.

Famous Naturals: Angelina Jolie, Carol Burnett, Jennifer Aniston, Karen Allen, Liv Tyler

Flamboyant Natural

Flamboyant Naturals are what you typically see in supermodels. Tall, wide shoulders, long legs.

Famous Flamboyant Naturals: Cameron Diaz, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Michelle Obama

Soft Natural

Soft Naturals have a curvier figure than Naturals, typically a more yang bone structure but with fleshier portions including in the face.

Famous Soft Naturals: Fergie, Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda, Julianne Hough, Julie Andrews, Kat Dennings, Katy Perry 


Classics are considered the most balanced of the body types, with an even mix of yin and yang. Symmetrical and somewhat ‘average’ features and shape.

Famous Classics: Cybill Shepherd, Diane Sawyer, Isabelle Huppert

Dramatic Classics

Dramatic Classics have an angular bone structure (including in the face) and moderate height. However, they still look balanced instead of having overtly, traditionally masculine features. 

Famous Dramatic Classics: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Maria Shriver, Olivia Munn, Phylicia Rashad, Suzanne Pleshette

Soft Classic

Soft Classics have the Classic silhouette but with softer, more yin features. Typically with a softer face and more defined waistline.

Famous Soft Classics: Grace Kelly, Laura Linney, Marion Cotillard, Meryl Streep, Naomi Watts, Veronica Lake


Gamines have a smaller, more narrow bone structure. They are typically shorter with a softer face and look younger because of their overall size.

Famous Gamines: Heather Locklear, Mia Farrow, Pat Benatar, Paulette Goddard, Rosanna Arquette

Flamboyant Gamine

Flamboyant Gamines are similar to gamine but with more yang. They have longer legs than Gamines and less softness overall. 

Famous Flamboyant Gamines: Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kelly Osbourne, Liza Minelli, Penelope Cruz, Tina Turner, Twiggy, Zooey Deschanel, Coco Chanel

Soft Gamine

Soft Gamines are similar to Gamine but with more yin. They are typically shorter with a narrow bone structure but with a somewhat ‘hourglass’ figure and softer facial features.

Famous Soft Gamines: Betty White, Cyndi Lauper, Halle Berry, Judy Garland, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Octavia Spencer, Reese Witherspoon


Romantics are on the opposite side of the spectrum from Dramatics. Romantics are soft and curvy and have a lot of yin, or traditionally feminine features. 

Famous Romantics: Beyonce, Dolly Parton, Drew Barrymore, Helena Bonham Carter, Jessica Lange, Kate Winslet, Marilyn Monroe

Theatrical Romantic

Theatrical Romantics still are small and have rounded features like a Romantic, but with slighter more yang. Their faces are typically fuller and sharper.

Famous Theatrical Romantics: Jane Seymour, Mila Kunis, Rihanna, Salma Hayek

The Quiz to Find Your Body Type

Still unsure which body type best describes you? Take the Kibbe Quiz to find out!

The aforementioned YouTube channel has a plethora of videos to help you figure out your body type and understand what suits you in the most flattering way.

Of course, you can wear whatever you want to wear and feel most confident in!

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Natasha is a Penn State Grad (International Business and Business Economics) and is currently a research analyst for a consulting firm. She loves makeup/ beauty, going to concerts, watching period pieces, traveling, and learning more about how to be better with personal finances. You can find her on her YouTube Channel about smart spending and cruelty-free beauty (Too Much Tash).