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Discover Fun and Fulfilling Hobbies for Students in College

Attending college can feel overwhelming due to exams, numerous assignments and the pressure to succeed. You do not have to settle for feeling unfulfilled and apathetic. Exploring fun hobbies can help provide purpose while creating an enjoyable outlet. This article will explore some fun hobby ideas for college students, from creative activities to enjoying various types of games.

Even if you are interested in online gaming, we’ve got you covered. This website will show more tips and bonuses.

hobbies for college students


If you are a college student looking to immerse yourselves in a fun and creative activity, then photography is an excellent option. In addition to being affordable, it yields vibrant pictures you can share on social media platforms to express yourself. 

You can capture events in your life and revisit those memories for years to come. You can start with smartphone photography, whereby you only need your phone to take photos. Take loads of pictures and experiment with different effects and settings. Later on, you can invest in a professional camera and quality lenses for better results. Here are some types of shots you can practise taking: 

  • Close-ups
  • Landscapes
  • Pictures of nature

Experimentation with colour, composition and adjusting lighting are all parts of the thrilling journey ahead. 

Playing Games Online

Online games offer hours of entertainment that help your brain release feel-good hormones that relieve the academic stress that might affect your well-being. You can choose from a variety of games and play from anywhere and anytime that is convenient to you. While many online games accept UK players, finding reputable platforms is crucial since it ensures you enjoy this hobby in a safe environment.

The best part is that you can play a range of free online games for fun without signing up, spending money, or downloading anything. You don’t need experience to give free online games a spin, as they are beginner-friendly. This is an excellent way to take your mind off the stress you might experience due to your study workload and assignments. To learn more about online games in the UK, go here.


Not only is drawing a fun and engaging hobby, but it also does not require special skills or exceptional talent. That means whatever your ability level, you can make art. You only need time and practice.

Drawing also allows you to express your creative side and see the world from a different angle. It also prolongs your brain activity since it helps in neurogenesis, which is the formation of new neurons in the brain. 

You only need a few drawing utensils and some sheets of sketchbook paper to get started. College students should consider picking up drawing as a hobby since the enjoyment they will experience allows the opportunity to refocus mentally and relieve stress.

Mountain Biking

The rush of adrenaline that people experience when riding bicycles off-road and over rough terrain is one of the reasons why mountain biking is becoming more popular in the UK. The outdoor setting also lets you get fresh air and boost your mood.

While exploring mountain bike trails, you will meet new people and expand your social circle. Let’s look at more reasons why many college students find mountain biking fun:

  • As a mountain-based sport, it serves as a great exercise.
  • It improves your reaction times.
  • It’s a great stress reliever.
  • It brings you fantastic views.
  • Mountain biking improves focus.
  • Trails equate to adventures.
hobbies for college students


As well as being one of the best active recreational activities, swimming is an excellent way to improve your strength and endurance and make friends while you are at it. Swimming improves the cardiovascular system, helps you build a strong body, increases your metabolism rate, and helps with weight loss.

Swimming is a great form of low-impact exercise, making it an excellent way to relax and enjoy yourself without pressure. It’s a good hobby for college students who do not have enough time for high-impact exercises or physical activities. Add that to the fact that it reduces stress and helps you stay fit, and you can understand why we had to add it to this list. The table below shows common swimming styles and strokes:

Swimming StyleDescription
Breaststroke swimmingA swimming style in which you float with your stomach facing down. Your legs then perform a frog kick while your arms perform semicircular movements.
SidestrokeYou perform this swimming stroke while lying sideways; your arms move backwards and forward while you execute a scissors kick with your legs. 
BackstrokeThis swimming stroke is performed on the back and involves circling the arms in a windmill motion while doing flutter kicks.
FreestyleThis swimming style gives you the freedom to choose any stroke you desire. 

Candle Making 

If you are looking for a fun, simple hobby with the potential of unlocking a whole world of possibilities, try candle making. The reasons to pick up this hobby are endless. It is a creative activity that provides a great way to introduce a pleasant, sweet smell that triggers your senses and encourages feelings of relaxation. In turn, this brings a warm and cosy ambience for studying.


Gardening is a relaxing and fun way of connecting with nature. It’s also good for both your mind and body. Being outdoors in the fresh air and the warm sunshine boosts your mood and is an effective way to de-stress. You do not have to be an expert to see results. You can start small with a pot of soil on tables or window ledge. 


If you want to become a better dancer or just enjoy dancing, why not try it as a hobby? You can show your dance moves at college parties. Dancing also improves flexibility and strength while keeping your muscles and joints healthy. The endorphins released while dancing also reduce stress and anxiety, giving the student a sense of overall well-being.


Since everyone loves food, cooking is an ideal hobby for college students. It requires a few prerequisites, and you can master cooking skills with little guidance. You can learn how to cook like a professional online for free and prepare delicious meals that you can enjoy with your college friends.

hobbies for college kids

Final Thoughts

You can unlock a hidden passion by exploring these potential fun hobbies in your spare time. Picking one of these fun hobbies can make your college experience more exhilarating. Moreover, immersing yourself in these activities can also provide a healthy balance to the academic demands of college life.