Make Your Own DIY Necklace Board!

I had a problem: I had all kinds of necklaces and nowhere to store them. They were tucked away in some old jewelry box I’d gotten in grade school. Whenever I’d take one out to wear, it’d be tangled up the chains of at least three others. And this is when I’d actually remember to wear a necklace. Most of the time I’d forget about what I had simply because they weren’t right in front of me.

Shortly after my birthday I got an idea to fashion myself some sort of frame that would allow me to hang my necklaces up on my bedroom wall. That way they wouldn’t be getting tangled up and I’d have easier access to them.

I don’t have Pinterest (I know, I live under a rock), so this necklace board is something I came up with on my own. If you’re having a similar problem though or just want a cute way of displaying your necklaces and other jewelry, this is for you!

What you’ll need:

A picture frame
Large, sturdy cardboard or a foam presentation board (optional)
A roll of cork board
Push pins
Bomb-ass decorations (fabric of your liking, definitely recommended)
Staples and tape (glue optional)
Scissors, knife, or box cutter

What you’ll do:

This first step depends on what kind of picture frame you found and how sturdy the backing is. I scored my frame in a Michael’s craft store bargain bin because the backing had been destroyed, so all that was available was the frame. If you’ve got a frame you like but the backing isn’t very strong, take it out and go along with this step. But if you have a nice, sturdy backing, keep it and move to step number 2.

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Measure your cardboard or foam board to fit the dimensions of the picture frame. The best way to do this is to place the cardboard or foam board on the floor with your frame on top. Trace the inside of the frame along the board. Once you’ve got the inner frame traced, use a knife or box opener to cut along the line. This piece should now fit in your frame.

Take your roll of cork board and cut it to fit the backing board you just prepared. It’s okay if your cork board doesn’t cover the entire surface. You should actually leave a strip of empty space along the backing board to ensure it will still fit into the frame.

Once you’ve measured out your cork board and cut it to fit the backing, secure it to the backing. Glue or staples probably work best for this. Don’t worry about the staples being visible—you can cover this up later.

Decorating time! Your necklace board can technically be used at this point, but it’s probably not very pretty, especially if you used staples to secure the cork board to the backing.

This is the part where you’ll take the fabric of your choosing to cover up the cork board and backing. Cut your fabric to fit over the backing, leaving an extra inch around all sides. Then push your backing to fit into the frame. Once the backing is in place in the frame, secure the extra fabric to the back of the board with more staples or tape. The back might look kind of ugly, but this part will be against the wall, so no one will ever see it!

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Necklace Board 1

Once you’ve got your backing covered with fabric and popped into the frame, you’re good to go! If you like, you can take different kinds of fabric and layer them. I used black cotton to cover my backing and then layered sheer strips of black gauze over that. My tastes are a bit dark and morbid, but you can do the same kind of thing using any colored materials you like. I imagine layering black gauze over crème-colored cotton would look super classy. You could use one color to cover the backing and then strips of another color to make a stripe pattern. And glitter always makes everything look better.

Use stickers, stamps, paints, or anything you like to give your frame some character. I’d recommend your local craft store’s scrapbook section. They have stickers and stamps for every occasion and every taste.

Necklace Board 2

Once you’ve got your necklace board looking snazzy, it’s time for the push pins. The pins are going to be what you hang your necklaces off from. You can find all kinds of pins in different colors and styles to match your necklace board.

When you’re ready, put your new necklace board up on the wall and start hanging your necklaces off the push pins. And voila! Not only do you finally have a space to store your necklaces, but you’ve got some cute wall art as well! This can be especially awesome if you live in an apartment and aren’t allowed to paint the walls.

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All photos belong to Lindsey J. Gooden and were used in this article with permission.