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Living a content and fulfilled life is all about knowing what your true passion is. You’re never too young to realize what you are meant to do in this world, and the sooner you discover your calling, your life purpose, the better.

Here are a few ways to help you determine what you are meant to do in your life.

Listen to Your Inner Guidance

This might sound strange, but each of us actually has our own built-in internal guide that tells us what we should be doing in our lives. However, this inner guidance that we have does not explicitly show us what we need to do or where we need to go. Sometimes, our hectic lives keep us from being able to listen to this guidance and so we become focused on what we think we should be doing given the demands of life, instead of what we were meant to be.

One way to get in tune with our inner guidance is through meditation. When our mind is clear, we are better able to be open to what our inner guidance is telling us. Another way is through tarot readings. A tarot card reading is a psychic reading that uses a tarot deck, which usually consists of 78 cards with their own meanings. This is done by a tarot reader, who uses the tarot cards to carry out personal spreads, choosing the best one depending on your question.

Conduct a Passion Test

Created by Chris Atwood and Janet Bray Attwood, The Passion Test is a simple yet powerful set of tools that are designed to help you discover your passions and align your life with what matters most to you. This program provides a holistic approach to achieving a deeper understanding of yourself and factors that might be hindering you from living a life that you truly want.

The process starts with you completing this sentence which begins with “My life is ideal when I’m ____.” Do this exercise fifteen times, so you have fifteen answers to the question that asks you, “What makes you feel that you are living your ideal life?” After you have written those fifteen answers, the next step is to identify your top five choices.

Ask Yourself What Gives You Joy

Another way you can determine your life purpose is by conducting a joy review. The feeling of joy is part of your inner guidance, telling you when you are on the right path, so knowing what gives you joy can help you determine your life purpose.

You can easily perform the joy review by making a list of all the times you felt the greatest joy in your life. Once you have your list, look for a pattern. Do you feel happiest when you are inspiring others? When you are helping the less fortunate? When creating art? Once you have identified the patterns, you will be able to know for sure what your passions and purpose in life are.

We only live once, and we need to live our lives happily and with a sense of fulfillment. Take the time to listen to yourself and learn what you really want to be and how to live your life to the fullest. Doing this will lead to a truly happy and content life.

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