You know them all: The ambitious character. The lazy-ass co-worker. The nicest person you’ve ever met. And also the whiniest person you’ve ever met. These and more comprise a list of the types of personalities in the office and out that we’ve encountered so far. Learning to decipher how the people you work with behave may help you with your interpersonal office relationships.

Here are five different types of personalities in an office:

The go-getter

This person frequently tries to outdo herself on a daily basis.  The go-getter in the office has a great personality but is mostly focused on advancing in their career. Admire and get to know these people! Befriending an ambitious person could be the push you need to reach for your dreams even more than before. Get close to them and learn their tricks for success.

The lazy one

You know this one. They are notorious for doing one of two things: consistently slacking on their work or, well, being outwardly lazy about everything.  When this person drops a piece of paper, it becomes a huge ordeal–which then leads into the paper sitting on the ground until the clock strikes 5 pm when it’s time to go home. Laziness is inexcusable, twenty-somethings. Just don’t do it (for your own sake and your job’s).

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The “I know everything, so I’ll tell you what to do… even though we’re on the same level” type

At every job I’ve ever held, there has been one person like this on the employee roster.  This office personality is someone who is on the same level with you (employee ranking-wise), but who, for some reason, feels the need to tell you how to do your job. Word to the wise: tolerate these individuals, but don’t trust them. In my experience, these co-workers are also the ones who not only tell you how to do your job… but they will also go behind your back and complain about you (and your fellow co-workers) for no reason whatsoever, other than to become the boss’ pet. Leave the childish behaviors to these people and continue the good work you know you’re doing.

The genuine one

When you meet someone who is genuinely nice, it’s a breath of fresh air.  It reminds us that there are honest, good people out in the world. These are the people who you will develop long-lasting friendships with whether you’re looking for a friend or not. One day, you’ll look back at your life and realize that you may have needed this person after all – and you’ll be glad you included him or her in your experiences, even if they only began after bonding at the company Keurig machine.

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The chronic complainer

Like the lazy persona in the office, you also know this one, too. Every office has a complain-about-everything employee. For example, I had this exact experience with a co-worker once. To this day, I cannot fathom why this individual came to work and started every day with a complaint about something (no exaggeration). They complained about everything from the printer not working, to people getting married, to how they shouldn’t have to change their work style. Another wise word: these people are miserable and only rant to make their lives seem more interesting. Try to brush off whatever these office personalities say – they’ll be complaining about something new in five minutes anyway.


By: Gina Oursler | Photo Credit: Naomi Roe