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The Newest Way To Change The World During Lockdown

I don’t know about you but, for as long as I can remember, every year, I’ve committed to new resolutions, to implementing good habits, swore I would carry them out this time… and somehow, lost track of my “devoirs”, living life.

But if there should be a time, a really timely time to perform good deeds and truly commit to them, I believe it should be NOW.

COVID-19 is for the majority of us twenty-somethings, is perhaps the world crisis that has impacted us most. An unprecedented pandemic that has changed our lives forever as well as the way we interact with people and the world.

Lockdown has made us realize what we take for granted: our freedom. Freedom to take a walk, to travel, freedom to go see our Mum and Dad, sisters and brothers.

Lockdown forced us to introspect and meditate on what’s important, who is important.

Many of us became more respectful, to the planet, to others. A burst in humanity is what came out of COVID-19: neighbors being friendly to one another, strangers genuinely helping, random acts of kindness multiplied all around the world.

But because, like every pandemic, COVID-19 will end, and we will return to a new normal, I want to make sure our sudden charitable hearts still remain.

To help us keep our bighearted promises, discover my project, the newest way to change the world, “A World of Sharing, your one-year journal to reboot”, currently looking for more backers on Kickstarter.

Pledge to A World of Sharing, a life-instructing journal that will guide you through performing one Great Awesome Deed, every week for a whole year.

The “A World of Sharing” journal was designed with this successful trifecta in mind: Content, Tracking and Accountability.

  • Content: learn how to really share and make a positive difference in the world with engaging new content every week.
  • Tracking: write down all the GADs (Great Awesome Deeds) you have achieved, they will serve as tangible proofs of how Good you can be.
  • Accountability: stay consistent with a very simple, weekly accountability system that will keep your motivation atop.

A World of Sharing, your one-year journal to reboot, is different from other same-topic self-development books. It is a real actionable guide thanks to which you will be able to achieve a GAD (Great Awesome Deed) every week and note it down for the longevity of information in your journal.

It does not require you a daily commitment but a simple weekly dedication, with chapters no longer than 3 pages to easily keep focused and engaged.

You will be given examples of GADs to get inspired but the freedom of imagining your own GAD, as long as it answers the pain of the chapter, is all yours.

A World of sharing’s mission is generously playful.

Give it 52 weeks, and be proud of your 52 accomplished GADs.

From 10$ for a PDF version of “A World of Sharing” to 49$ for 3 journals, choose amongst the four pledging options.

The campaign ends on June 30 and currently has collected $1,600 over the $10,000 goal with 36 backers. Your pledge will make a difference and with “A World of Sharing, your one-year journal to reboot”, you will get 52 ways to change the world, one Great Awesome Deed at a time.

Click here to learn more and to back this project now!

By M.M. Le Roy Nguon

I’m a driven young woman (like many), wife to the most supportive and tolerant husband, mother to the sweetest baby boy, youngest strong-tempered sister of three, loving daughter to two Khmer-civil-war-forced-out-of-their-country migrants. Mum’s a genocide survivor, Dad made her laugh. I grew up in a caring family, with role models who taught me unconditional love, sacrifice and hard work. I went to regular schools, got regular diplomas, chose a regular career. It’s the unfair irregularities in this world that made me tick. And this book is my attempt at a remedy trial to fix it.

Photos via the Kickstarter campaign.