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9 Brands Making a Difference In Your Relationship

The year 2024 brings with it a fresh array of new destinations for adult entertainment and wellness exploration.

The concept of adult stores has transcended beyond the traditional, morphing into spaces that celebrate intimacy, individuality, and the art of love-making with an unprecedented level of openness and sophistication. Today, these stores provide much more than mere products; they are places of education, empowerment, and personal exploration.

From high-tech gadgets that push the boundaries of pleasure to workshops that deepen connections and understanding, the top nine stores of 2024 are destinations that invite curiosity, challenge taboos, and redefine the narrative around adult entertainment. As we navigate through this list, we’ll uncover the unique offerings, ethos, and innovations that set these stores apart, marking them as must-visit locations for those looking to enrich their sensual lives.

Brands Making a Difference In Your Relationship

9 Brands Making a Difference In Your Relationship

1. Kindra

Kindra focuses on empowering individuals undergoing menopause with natural, safe, and holistic body care. They offer plant-powered, estrogen-free products alongside a community filled with resources and shared stories.

Kindra’s products deliver immediate and lasting relief from vulvovaginal dryness, discomfort, burning, itching, stinging, and sensitivity. Kindra was developed with board-certified OB/GYNs and is recommended by 2,000+ OB/GYNs, urologists, pelvic health experts, and women’s health professionals. Kindra’s formulas are clinically proven, hypoallergenic, feature patent-pending ingredients for targeted relief and comfort, and can be used as an adjunct or alternative to hormone therapy.

This commitment to science-backed support extends beyond the individual, acknowledging the ripple effects of menopause on relationships. For couples looking to strengthen their connection during this transitional period, Kindra’s approach can be particularly beneficial. By addressing the physical and emotional changes with understanding and care, partners can navigate this chapter together, finding new ways to support and rediscover one another.

Best Suited For:

Individuals going through perimenopause and menopause seeking natural and safe care options. Couples aiming to deepen their understanding and support for each other during this transition will also find Kindra’s resources invaluable.

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2. TOPS Adult Toys

As one of the leading suppliers of adult pleasure products, TOPS Adult Toys serves both individuals and couples with the aim of enhancing their intimate experiences. With an expansive range from celebrated U.S. brands like Adam & Eve, Lovense, Silicon Wives, Eden Fantasys, and Fleshlight, they offer an impressive collection tailored to meet diverse preferences and needs.

They understand the importance of exploring one’s desires and the role of quality toys in enriching personal and shared moments of intimacy.

For couples looking to deepen their connection, the range includes innovative options designed to bring partners closer, fostering a sense of exploration and mutual satisfaction. Whether it’s the intimacy of shared control with app-connected devices from Lovense or the adventurous allure of sex machines, there’s something to suit every relationship’s dynamic.

Key Features:

  • A wide array of products catering to men, women, and couples.
  • Exclusive offerings from leading U.S. brands, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Easy online ordering with shipping options across the United States and Canada, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Best Suited For:

  • Individuals seeking to explore their sexuality with high-quality, innovative products.
  • Couples aiming to enhance their intimacy and explore new dimensions of their relationship through shared experiences.

TOPS Adult Toys not only provides a platform for purchasing adult toys but also aims to support the journey towards greater sexual fulfillment and relationship depth. Their curated selection emphasizes safety, satisfaction, and the potential for transformative intimate experiences.


As a leading online retailer, offers a carefully curated selection of sex toys, novelty items, lingerie, and more to enrich the lives of its customers. With a steadfast commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction, they ensure every visit is met with exceptional products at unbeatable prices, thanks to their efficient supply chain and commitment to regular updates.

Central to their ethos is a profound respect for inclusivity and equality. They champion a world where everyone, regardless of gender identity, is empowered and celebrated. This belief permeates through their product selection and customer service, aiming to create a space where diversity is embraced, and all individuals feel respected and valued.

Key Features:

  • Diverse product range catering to various preferences and needs.
  • Secure, encrypted checkout for customer peace of mind.
  • Fast, reliable shipping with discreet packaging to ensure privacy.

Best Suited For:

  • Individuals and couples seeking to explore and enhance their relationships through a broad selection of quality products.
  • Those who value inclusivity, privacy, and environmental responsibility in their shopping choices.

For couples, offers a unique opportunity to explore their desires together, providing tools and resources to deepen their connection and communication. The seamless shopping experience, underscored by quick navigation and transparent processes, makes discovering new ways to enhance their relationship both easy and enjoyable.

They not only prioritizes customer satisfaction but also demonstrates a responsible approach to business. With their focus on reducing CO2 emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, they ensure that customers can feel good about their purchases in more ways than one.


EXSENS, deeply committed to enhancing women’s well-being and pleasure, crafts its product line with the utmost care and consideration for health.

Developed by women, for women, their range embodies this ethos, with every item produced in a cutting-edge facility in the South of France. Prioritizing vegan and paraben-free ingredients, EXSENS ensures all their offerings are of the highest European quality, reflecting their dedication to both excellence and ethical standards.

Parallel to EXSENS’s focus on individual wellness, Population Services International (PSI) has been a global force for nearly half a century. Their work spans across critical areas like family planning, HIV prevention, and the provision of clean water, directly impacting lives on a monumental scale. Last year alone, PSI’s efforts resulted in the saving of thousands of mothers’ lives, the prevention of millions of unintended pregnancies, and significant reductions in new HIV infections and deaths due to malaria and other diseases.

Key Features:

  • Products developed specifically for women, emphasizing health and pleasure.
  • Commitment to vegan, paraben-free formulas with high-quality ingredients.
  • PSI’s broad global impact on public health and family planning.

Best Suited For:

  • Individuals and couples seeking to enhance their intimate experiences through thoughtful, health-conscious products.
  • Those who appreciate the importance of global health initiatives and support companies with a commitment to making a positive impact.

For couples, the intersection of EXSENS’s dedication to wellness and pleasure with PSI’s global health missions provides a unique opportunity to enhance their relationship through shared values and experiences. By choosing products that are not only designed for their pleasure but also aligned with broader health and humanitarian goals, couples can deepen their connection to each other and the world around them.

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5. Sliquid

Embracing a natural approach to intimacy, many couples are turning to natural lubricants like Sliquid to enhance their sexual wellness and connection. Recognizing that factors such as low estrogen levels can lead to discomfort during intimacy, they’re seeking solutions that prioritize health without sacrificing pleasure.

Whether due to hormonal changes from menopause, birth control, medications, or even lifestyle factors like intensive exercise, vaginal dryness can affect a woman’s comfort and enjoyment. Natural lubricants offer a solution, bringing ease and pleasure back to intimate moments.

Sliquid stands out for its commitment to being glycerin and paraben-free, catering to those who are mindful of the ingredients in their personal care products. Glycerin, a sugar derivative, can disrupt the natural balance, leading to discomfort or infections for some women. Similarly, concerns around parabens, a common preservative linked to health risks, have led many to seek safer alternatives. Sliquid’s products, formulated by women who understand these sensitivities, remove the guesswork for individuals and couples aiming for a safer, more enjoyable experience.

Key Features:

  • Glycerin-free to avoid potential irritation or infection.
  • Paraben-free for those concerned about the potential health risks associated with these preservatives.

Best Suited For:

  • Individuals and couples looking for natural, safe options to enhance intimacy.
  • Those with sensitivities or health concerns who require gentle yet effective products.

For couples, the choice of a natural lubricant like Sliquid can significantly enhance their relationship by ensuring both partners feel comfortable and cared for. It’s about more than just pleasure; it’s about making informed choices that reflect a commitment to each other’s well-being and happiness.

6. Custom Condoms

By blending message distribution and the promotion of safe sex practices, Custom Condoms has carved a niche for itself. With a straightforward mission, they assist both organizations and individuals in spreading their messages through the unconventional medium of custom-printed condoms.

Their portfolio showcases an eclectic mix of clients, including political groups, charities, and even individual customers seeking out-of-the-box gifts. This approach not only ensures that the message stands out but also champions the cause of sexual health.

Who are they? Operating under the name Custom Condoms, this compact and efficient team prioritizes simplicity and transparency in every transaction. They’ve streamlined the process to allow for any quantity of orders online, making it as hassle-free as possible. Despite their digital efficiency, they remain just a call or email away for any queries, emphasizing customer connection.

Their commitment extends beyond novelty, as all their condoms meet stringent safety and legal standards, ensuring that promoting your message also means promoting health.

Key Features:

  • Unique message spreading through custom-printed condoms.
  • Transparent pricing and easy online ordering.
  • 100% safe and legally compliant condoms.

Best Suited For:

  • Couples looking to add a personalized touch to their intimate moments.
  • Organizations and individuals aiming to spread their message creatively while advocating for safe sex.

For couples, Custom Condoms offers a distinctive avenue to celebrate their relationship or mark special occasions with a personalized, intimate gift. This innovative product not only adds a layer of fun but also reinforces the importance of safe sex, making it a thoughtful and responsible choice for any couple.

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7. Fleur du Mal

Fleur du Mal, founded by Jennifer Zuccarini in 2012, embodies a unique blend of elegance and playfulness, marrying the worlds of luxury lingerie and ready-to-wear fashion. Named after Charles Baudelaire’s collection of poems, the brand stands as a testament to the beauty and complexity of desire, offering pieces that range from delicate and sophisticated to cheeky and provocative. Utilizing luxury fabrics like French Leavers lace and custom embroideries, Fleur du Mal speaks to those who appreciate the art of dressing and undressing.

Their approach is not just about creating clothing; it’s about crafting an emotion, aiming to empower women of all ages and sizes with confidence and a sense of seduction. This ethos is particularly resonant for couples seeking to enhance their relationship through the intimate act of sharing moments of vulnerability and strength in both public and private settings.

Key Features:

  • A broad spectrum of luxury lingerie and ready-to-wear items that blend fashion-forward design with lingerie elegance.
  • Emphasis on high-quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • A commitment to inclusivity and body positivity, with ongoing efforts to expand size ranges and use eco-friendly fabrics.

Best Suited For:

  • Individuals and couples who value the intertwining of fashion and intimacy, looking to enrich their connection through shared aesthetic and emotional experiences.
  • Those who seek to celebrate their femininity and sexuality with confidence, whether in the quiet of their home or the buzz of a social scene.

For couples, Fleur du Mal offers an avenue to explore and express their identities together, encouraging a deeper bond through the mutual appreciation of beauty and design. The brand’s philosophy, celebrating both the strength and delicacy of the female spirit, invites couples to embrace their individuality and shared journeys, enhancing their relationship with every piece from the collection.

8. Glissant

Glissant emerges as an ideal choice for those in search of innovative, natural options for enhancing intimacy. Their offerings, including a fragrance-free, PH balanced, FDA-cleared, clean lubricant, redefine the standard for intimate essentials that can be found in luxury beauty spas and hotels.

This chic, travel-friendly lube promises to be an indispensable companion on any journey, ensuring comfort.  Additionally, Glissant’s CBD wellness oil is a versatile “miracle oil,” designed to nourish the skin, promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, or physical discomfort, fostering both an inner and outer glow.

For couples, Glissant’s products offer a unique opportunity to deepen their bond. The lubricant ensures a smooth, enjoyable experience, free from distractions, allowing partners to focus on the moment and each other. Meanwhile, the wellness oil invites couples to explore new dimensions of intimacy, providing a shared experience of relaxation and pleasure that benefits both partners’ well-being.

Key Features:

  • Fragrance-free and FDA-cleared lubricant for a safe, smooth experience.
  • Chic, discreet, travel-friendly design for convenience on the go.
  • CBD wellness oil, for head to toe skin benefits, calming benefits and enhanced intimacy.
  • Organic, PH balanced, and hormone & chemical free
  • “Looks like a designer lipstick”.  

Best Suited For:

  • Individuals and couples seeking natural, quality products to enrich their intimate moments, in discreet, tasteful packaging.
  • Those looking for versatile, chemical-free options, formulated by female physicians, that cater to both physical and sexual wellness.

By incorporating Glissant into their relationship, couples can enjoy enriched intimate experiences, fostering closer connections and creating memorable moments together. Through their commitment to natural, clean ingredients, Glissant supports couples in their journey towards a happier, healthier intimate life. As the New York Times quoted, “lube too that’s too chic for the sock drawer”.

couple holding hands over coffee

9. Agreeable Agony

Agreeable Agony, a distinctive small-scale BDSM/kink company, emerges from the creative minds of crafters, artisans, and kink enthusiasts in the Northeast USA. They specialize in designing and handcrafting an exquisite array of floggers, dragon tails, unique rubber and silicone toys, slappers, pitcher candles, claws, vibrantly colored bondage rope, and other singular kinky toys.

Beyond their craft, the team at Agreeable Agony dedicates their time to vending, brainstorming, and, importantly, educating their local communities through munches and classes. Their efforts aim not just to create but also to foster a more inclusive and understanding environment within the kink communities.

For couples, Agreeable Agony offers an opportunity to explore new dimensions of their relationship. Their products encourage mutual exploration, understanding, and respect for each other’s boundaries and desires. Engaging with these tools can enhance communication, trust, and intimacy, providing a pathway to a deeper and more fulfilling connection.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted, high-quality BDSM and kink toys.
  • Education and community involvement to promote understanding and safety.
  • Unique, artisanal products that cater to a variety of preferences and experiences.

Best Suited For:

  • Couples interested in exploring BDSM and kink safely and with quality equipment.
  • Individuals within the kink community looking for unique, handcrafted items to enhance their experience.
  • Newcomers and experienced practitioners alike who value community support and education in their kinky endeavors.

Agreeable Agony stands as a beacon for those looking to explore their kinkier side, offering tools that enrich relationships through adventurous and consensual play. Their commitment to quality, education, and community building makes them a valuable resource for anyone on their journey into the realms of pleasure and pain.

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Final Thoughts

In short, exploring these special stores can open up new paths for fun and closeness in your relationship. It’s not just about buying things; it’s about the amazing moments you can create and the important conversations you can start. So, go on this journey together and see how these carefully chosen items can lead to unforgettable times and bring you and your partner closer.