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Transitioning to City Life: The Glitz, The Glam, and The Not-So-Functional

Imagine this: Walk out your front door, ride the elevator down a couple floors, and you’re steps away from everything. You’re ready to take on the work day with a short commute. You could step out in your trainers for a run. Maybe meet friends for drinks or explore your new city.

The possibilities are endless.

My journey has taken me from central Pennsylvania to West Virginia to Oklahoma and now the ‘big city’ of Minneapolis. I’ve discovered that transitioning to city life has its major pros and some cons that have been both fun and challenging to adapt to.

Since city life is a new lifestyle to me, I wanted to share some things I’ve loved along with some pain points:

1. The Glitz

Everyone always talks about city living and how cities never sleep. Let me tell you, this doesn’t just apply to New York. You never really realize or get to experience that saying until you have lived in a city.

City living is a whole new ballgame if you ask me. There are some very stark differences in my experience from growing up in a suburb town to living in the Midwest. A city gives you a difference experience every day, and that could be a good thing or a bad thing depending how you look at it.

My new city has a great balance. There are still lots of things to do outdoors that fit our suburban lifestyle, but underneath, there is the convenience of city life.

Even though we have our daily work routines, we’re still able to head out for happy hour or take a walk on the trails with our pup. City living means you can get up and go without having to hop in a car or sit in a ton of traffic. It makes meeting friends really convenient as well.

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One of the first things I discovered is how fast-paced the city is. It’s like you’re on a merry-go-round — everything is constantly running. Whether it be cars outside your window, people shouting at 3am walking home from the bars, or construction happening at odd times of the day. There’s always activity somewhere and something going on.

Since the city is always in motion, it kind of speeds up your lifestyle as well. Before living here, we tended to stay in our apartment a lot more than we do now. It’s a great change of pace and scenery because we’re able to live our young lives while experiencing new places to eat, explore, and visit.

The glitz of living in the city always has you on your toes, and I kind of like that!

2. The Glam

As Fergie would say, “For the glamorous, oh the flossy flossy.”

Maybe it’s not that glamorous, but it feels like it most days. We’re surrounded by beautiful architecture, nature trails, and various fashion trends.

If you’re planning to move to a city, scope out the neighborhoods. You’ll likely have a lot of choice when it comes to where you live, and that means you can really find a place that’s tailored to your needs and personality.

The part of the city where we live is considered the ‘warehouse district.’ Our apartment that we’re living in now was an old warehouse back in the day, which is super neat because our ceilings are 20-some feet tall with the apartment concrete floors and industrial fixtures. It really makes living in the city that much better due to the history of the buildings we live and work in.

As for the nature trails that run parallel to the river and all around the city, those trails are perfect for taking our dog for a walk, to bike or to go running (which I have been doing and it’s wonderful). There are always so many people out on the trails too!

One of my favorite parts about city living is seeing the different fashion trends on a daily basis. From walking to work to leaving a cycling class, there are always people sporting different looks which is really inspiring – especially being a life and style blogger.

The glam of the city is definitely the inspiration and character you receive all around you!

3. The Not-so-Functional

Although we love living in the city of Minneapolis, there are some things that aren’t so functional compared to suburban life.

One thing that isn’t so easy living in the city with is our sweet and loving pup. We make it work with parks because we love him. But it’d be so much nicer for him to have a yard to run in. (And a back door to open for potty breaks.)

Not to mention the pet fees for him and our cat for living in our place. Along with our pup, it’d be more ideal have a little bit bigger of a space to work with. Living in a city obviously has its compromises and size of living is definitely one of them.

On top of living in a smaller space, you’re paying more for that space than you would out of the city. Crazy, right? But, it’s all about location. You give up space for is living in the glam and glitz of the city.

Parking is another no-so functional part about living in a city. We have one space reserved under our building. Our other car (being my car) is parked a couple blocks away. So, getting groceries and running errands that are outside of the city isn’t as accessible like living the suburbs.

The not-so functional parts about city living aren’t the biggest concern because we know this isn’t our home forever, so they are just things we deal with until our city life journey is over.

All-in-all living in a city should be something you do at least some point in your life. Why? Because it gives you a different perspective on life. It takes you outside of your comfort zone. You have new experiences and create memories that will last a lifetime. And you can’t pay for memories, those will come free!

About the Author

Karli Gasswint

Karli is a West Virginia University graduate with a B.S. in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. She is a content writer and public relations specialist at a web design company in Oklahoma. In her free time, you can find her blogging, watching sports, drinking wine and coffee, working out, and loving floral everything. She hopes to own a small business one day.


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