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Ask GenTwenty: How do we know what our true calling is?

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Sarah asked: Hi GenTwenty! How do we know what our true calling is? How do we know which job to go for and which one we’re going to strive in and love every day?

Nicole says: Your true calling is where you really feel like you’re thriving. You’re keeping your purpose at the heart of everything you do. My advice is to think about which job interests you the most and consider which job you’d feel really good about doing. You want to be thriving, feel challenged to grow, and invincible (like you’re doing the right thing).

Of course there are other things to consider too, like finances. What if your job doesn’t make ends meet right now? Should you give up the job you really want for a higher paycheck? I personally don’t think so.

While money is an important thing to consider, you’ll be miserable if you pursue something that your heart isn’t fully in. You can always make more money (promotions, raises, side hustles, etc) but I think life is too short to invest your time into something your heart isn’t invested in.

If there are two jobs you really love and are torn between, I’d encourage you to do more research on where those jobs will take you in 5 or 10 years. Does one lead towards something you can see yourself doing? Does it fit in with how you see the rest of your life down the road? Think about the hours you’d like to keep each day, if you want to start a family, travel, etc. That will help you shed some insight into which option is a better fit for you.

When one answer reveals itself and you’re still interested in the other option, consider how you can pursue that path as a side hustle. If the fields are similar, it’s worth your while to ask yourself what type of environment you work best in. Do you need structure of an office or would you thrive working for yourself? Knowing your answer to this can give you insight, too!

One last piece of advice: You’re going to be working hard no matter what career path you choose. Even if it doesn’t work out, you can always switch back or pick a different path later on. You will have a skill set built up and a growing network to rely on. It’s never too late to make a change!

Mae says: Honestly, there’s no answer to this. No one can tell you what your true calling is. That’s something you will feel in your heart. I would also say to not be so focused on finding the calling that you miss out on living your life.

And for most people, you have to endure a few crappy jobs before you find the one that ignites the fire in your soul. If you just live, things will reveal themselves in time.

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