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9 Apps for Young Professionals

9 Apps for the Young Professional

Social media can be an invaluable tool for young twenty-somethings in the working world.

Users have the opportunity to network and collaborate in ways they could never before. Many of us are already on some of the bigger social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, there are other social media sites we can use to help us. In this case, they are ideal for getting a start in the professional world.

9 Apps for Young Professionals:

1. A free mobile app, Mint allows users to manage their finance and bank accounts. Users can set spending limits on different items, like food or clothes, per month. Mint allows young professionals to use money wisely, especially around the time we often seriously start our savings.

2. Evernote serves as a quick and fast storage space for ideas. It’s a all-in-one virtual workspace where users can make sketches, come up with business places, write articles or schedule events. Evernote can be accessed at any time and is a great place to store working projects.

3. Boomerang helps schedule when emails will be sent and received. Often times we’ll find ourselves sending emails outside of traditional work hours. Boomerang helps schedule those emails for early in the morning. They can also help queue important emails that must go out on specific dates, a tool that’s perfect for most fields.

4. RescueTime shows professionals how much time they spend on certain websites. Available for desktops and Androids, RescueTime breaks down how many hours are spent on things like email or Twitter. The app can help identify which sites are time wasters and help increase productivity.

5. Jobr helps new professionals seek out jobs and career opportunities. It connects to our LinkedIn profiles to help find the right job boards. Users can swipe left or right on jobs they’re interested in. If we select right, our profiles will be sent to a job recruiter. Jobr is one of the easiest ways to look for open positions.

6. Google Docs work well as both a desktop and mobile feature. Available on Google Drive, Google Docs serve as handy, online worksheets. They’re perfect for sharing information almost anywhere, so long as there’s an Internet connection.

7. Wondering where to get lunch near the office? Use Yelp! to track down nearby businesses. Users post personal reviews of products and services. Yelp! can help determine where to bring our business next.

8. Spotify shows that in an office environment, there should be room for fun. Spotify offers make-our-own music playlists for free. Users can also listen to what others have created. It’s an entertaining, collaborative service that is perfect to listen to while typing emails or finishing up reports.

9. My Fitness Pal lets users count calories and manage their health through an electronic device. Before dining out, users can see how many calories are in certain items. My Fitness Pal helps those who work in a sedentary office environment boost their health.

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What apps do you use to help your work life? Do you have any favorites? Share them in the comments below.

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