Beneath the hassles of your daily life is your mind and body. When you’re stressed or sad, your body and mind are feeling it, too. We know: life is tough. But that doesn’t mean you should let your mental and physical health fall to the wayside.

Taking care of yourself is easy to do, not easier said than done (trust us). Start with changing your diet. Add in more fruits, veggies, and water to your diet and see how it makes you feel. After a week of this regimen, you’re beginning to feel better, aren’t you? This is the first way to really start taking care of your body. The next step: add in some exercise! Even if it’s just for an hour a day, exercising lets you focus on one thing in the moment: you and your body! Not to mention that you’ll be turning heads after a few gym sessions (self-esteem boost, anyone?). For an exercise that also focuses on getting your mind in shape, try yoga or pilates!

If these are making you feel better, then get ready for other ways to enhance your livelihood, health, and to really begin taking care of you.

One way to really liven up your day or mood is to simply take a moment and breathe. Focusing on your breathing can work wonders on your health, mind, and body. Start by breathing in a deep breath through your nose. Hold that breath for a few seconds and then release it through your mouth. Repeat this step for a few minutes. Are you feeling more relaxed and more like yourself? Schedule focused breathing time into your weekly routine — it could just be the thing you need to regain your focus on the things in your life that are causing you to not pay attention to your needs. Believe me: sometimes all you need is to sit back, regroup, and then join the world again.

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Finding time to spend with your friends is something that will not only make you feel better, but it will also allow you to talk about the issues in your life without further judgment or criticism. Is that argument with your Mom clouding your mind, therein causing you to not eat or sleep right? Talk it out with a friend. Tell them how you’re feeling, why you’re feeling it, and if they have any suggestions on how to push through the bad feelings. In no time, you’ll likely be feeling like yourself again. If you’re not up to talking, just spending time with a friend will give you the opportunity to have fun and escape from your problems for a few hours (or more).

Don’t let yourself get caught up in stressful situations and lose sight of your mind and body. Taking care of you can happen if you will it so! Relax, breathe, eat an apple, run a mile, and sit down with a friend — we promise you’ll be back to your happy, free, confused twenty-something self in no time.

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