When it comes to writing, nobody has a steady stream of ideas at their disposal. We get distracted, we see something outside, or our dog wants our attention and our great ideas vanish, our perspective is lost, and we just can’t seem to get anything onto the blank document in front of us. Writer’s block is like the annoying bee that flies around your head that you try and try to get rid of, but he decides to stick around and make your life difficult despite your efforts. But eventually, the bee will leave you alone and similarly, your writer’s block will be gone, too. One day while browsing a website, I came across this quote from Miranda Hersey:

“Writer’s block, or any creative block, is really about fear.”

To a certain extent, she has a very valid point. Do we call it writer’s block to mask the fact that we are uncertain of our thoughts? Or that we don’t have the courage or confidence to put it down on paper and show who we really are? That could be true, and with that being said, there are many ways to break through writer’s block and get back on track to fill your brain with more ideas than when you started:

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Shift your creativity
When writer’s block hits you, that might mean it’s time to shift your focus and do something else for a little while. But not just anything else, it has to be something that also sparks your creativity, but in a different way. It could be baking a dessert, making up a dance in your living room, drawing a sketch of your significant other, or even taking some photos with your phone. This will allow you to open some parts of your creativity that might not have been open or focused on before.

Just start writing badly
When you draw a blank in the middle of a essay or article, sometimes you have to give yourself permission to just be bad. Don’t stop writing, just put words on paper, even if they don’t make sense. That’s one of the best things about writing; you don’t have to make sense. You can always edit later and sort through everything. The best part about this process is that many times you end up coming up with something you didn’t think you had in you.

Go outside
When I get writer’s block, one of my favorite things to do is just go outside. Just sit in the sun and allow your mind to go completely bank. Listen to the wind flow through the holes in your fence, or the birds chirping across the street. Sometimes this helps you to remember what you wanted to write about in the first place and where you wanted to go with it. It gives your brain a fresh start.

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Use a different writing tool
Are you using Mircosoft Word? Maybe switch to Google Docs, or even take out an old fashioned pen and paper. A change in your creative tool can switch your viewpoint and perspective.

Take a break and go on social media
Being on sites such a Facebook or Twitter will give you a chance to see other peoples opinions and get ideas from others that might relate to what you are doing. Even with that, it might just give you a laugh and the mental break you needed.

Go over what you have already done
Sometimes, all you need to do is read what you have written so far. Jog your memory of where you were going with it. Maybe even do some editing while you are at it. It can’t hurt to read what you were already confident in.  It can expose something you may have over looked while you were writing it the first time.

Lets just be honest for a second, writing is hard. It isn’t something that comes easily to people and even the most famous writers in the world have come across writer’s block. Don’t let it frustrate you. The creativity will come back to you, I promise. So, go ahead and grab your laptop, iPad, or a piece of paper and a pen and put those burning thoughts down on paper and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. The world can benefit from your writing and you deserve to be heard.

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