Finding your way out of a bad mood is a bigger hurdle than most of us care to admit. Use these 6 methods to beat a bad mood.

Have you ever noticed how you automatically create distance between yourself and a person who’s obviously sick, but only realize it after the fact? That’s probably because you’re simply subconsciously trying to prevent coming in contact with germs as much as possible.

Psychologists say, thanks to a phenomenon called emotional contagion, people can transfer their moods to one another as swiftly as germs. That’s just one reason why we believe it’s so important to get out of a bad mood as quickly as you can.

Often, it might seem easier said than done, but you might change your mind after reading the easy-to-implement solutions we’ve come up with below:

1. Talk to a Friend

Here at GenTwenty, we believe one of the most effective ways to lift your mood is to talk to a friend you love and trust. In addition to calming the fierce emotions that may be raging inside your head and heart, it’s likely the individual will offer a valuable perspective that could be just the thing to pull you out of your funk.

2. Engage in Some Exercise

Information from the American Psychological Association states there’s a strong link between exercise and mood. Even better, it shouldn’t take too long for your mood to lift. After just five minutes of moderate exercise, you may start feeling your outlook is brighter than before you started.

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You can even combine this tip with the one above and see if a friend wants to break a sweat with you and chat at the same time. From taking dance classes to climbing a rock wall, the ways to exercise are nearly endless

3. Make a Meal or Craft

Bad moods can result when people feel discouraged or somehow lesser than their peers. If that sounds familiar, try busting your bad mood by cooking your favorite meal or spending some time devoting yourself to a craft. The process of making something all your own can be an extremely uplifting experience.

That’s especially true if your foul mood is related to someone suggesting you were incapable of doing something well. When you devote yourself to a project with a defined end result, it allows you to take genuine pride in whatever you did. You may even find your bad mood is a thing of the past before the pastime is even finished.

4. Think of Positive Memories

If your bad mood happened because it feels like almost everything in life is going wrong all at once, take yourself back to happier times by recalling instances where your mood was much better and life seemed stress free. You might be able to do that merely by conjuring up a past experience in your mind’s eye.

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However, if you need a push in the right direction, keep photographs on hand that capture some of the best memories from your life. Maybe they’re photos from a vacation you took last year or snapshots taken at a family reunion. Regardless of the specifics, if you’re able to think fondly of better times, you might be reminded smoother circumstances aren’t too far away.

5. Listen to or Create Music

Many experts consider music to be a form of emotional release. If you have ever written a song, you may have later realized the activity allowed you to capture some of your feelings in their purest forms and get rid of the ones bringing you down. Alternatively, people often find just hearing a beloved tune is enough to break their bad mood cycles.

If you frequently rely on music to brighten your mood, consider making a special playlist featuring a full selection of artists and songs you really enjoy. Here at GenTwenty, we’ve found it especially helpful to depend on songs with empowering lyrics, because they encourage us to keep going even when life seems hard.

6. Do Something Kind for a Stranger

We’ve found unfortunate events can turn our happy moods to bad ones in just a few minutes. When that happens, you don’t have to let them spoil your attitude for the rest of the day.

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Get encouragement by improving life in some small way for a person you don’t know and probably won’t cross paths with again. Your good deed may be something as simple as giving up your seat to an older person on the bus or buying a drink for the swamped-looking college student behind you in line at the coffeehouse.

Reaching out to others and not expecting anything in return for those actions tends to cause a lasting and mutual positivity boost. You feel better because you helped someone, plus that person is grateful for what you chose to do.

Being in a bad mood can definitely be a bummer. Fortunately though, these ideas prove there are plenty of things you can do so your down disposition doesn’t last long.

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