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3 Tips For The "Sandwich Generation"

The sandwich generation is full of unsung heroes who take care of both their aging parents and their growing children.

Note To Self: When I Grow Up, I Just Want To Be Happy

Nothing society ever expected me to do made me happy.

10 Reasons Why Every Writer Needs To Be a Reader

The best writers are avid readers.

G20Reads: #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

I don’t have it all together and that’s okay because nobody truly does, but that’s just part of being a #GIRLBOSS.

How Anyone Can Learn To Love Networking Events

If you learn to love networking and make it a regular habit to seek out and attend networking events, it will work wonders for your career.

5 Ways To Get Your Shit Together At Work

Being disorganized is not a good look.Use these 5 tips to stay on top of your responsibilities!

Why I'm Holding Off On Graduate School For Now

As the daughter of an academic, many people around me have asked me, “So when are you going to grad school?” They assume that because one my parents has pursued…

Note To Self: No One Is Perfect

For those of us who chase perfection, here is something you need to hear.

Greatness In Your Career: 3 Strategies For Differentiating Your Degree

When every applicant has a bachelor’s degree, you need to go the extra mile to stand out and get hired.

Three Career Options For The Medical Field

If you are thinking about going into the medical field, there are quite a few paths you could take.

15 Tips To Improve Your Mind-Body Balance

The perfect balance between your mental health and physical wellbeing is the key to being your best self.

Dear Millennials: Please Vote In This Election

Only 41% of millennials are planning to vote compared to 75% of people over 30.

6 Powerful Experiences I've Had So Far In My 20s

You’ll always remember those moments, big or small, that made you feel on top of the world.

G20Eats: Frog's Eye Salad

Don’t worry, no frog’s eyes were harmed in the creation of this recipe.I used to make this recipe with my grandma and it was always a huge hit!

Note To Self: Why You Shouldn't "Settle Down"

There’s this idea that we all need to “settle down” one day…but why would we want to do that?

7 Tips for Making New Friends After College

If you’d like to meet new people, try these tips!

Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits Of Our Everyday Lives

We all have habits we’d like to start or break, but what what makes a habit stick?

3 Ways I Started My Side Hustle With No Experience

Three avenues I pursued to turn my passion, writing, into a my side hustle.

Managing Stress And Anxiety At Work As a Millennial

It’s important to find ways to overcome and regulate our stress and anxiety at work and be more productive.

A Day In The Life of GenTwenty's Editor-In-Chief

A behind-the-scenes look at a typical day at G20 HQ.

What If We Treated Mental Injuries Like Physical Injuries?

People are sympathetic towards each other’s physical health. But what if we extended the same courtesy to one’s mental health and injuries?

What To Do When Your Best Friend Isn’t Your Best Friend Anymore

One of the most painful breakups you will ever experience will come when you realize that your best friend isn’t your best friend anymore.

How Beeminder Will Revolutionize The Way You Reach Your Goals

With a very simple idea, the threat of losing my own hard-earned money, Beeminder has helped me stay on track with several of my quantifiable goals.

A Fashionista's Guide For Getting The Best Deals

Are you a shopaholic? It’s okay, me too.