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5 Mistakes Every New Renter Makes

As a responsible adult, it’s up to you to avoid these five mistakes every new renter makes.

How to Look Polished at the Office

A casual office atmosphere doesn’t mean a sloppy wardrobe.

How To Handle Making Hard Choices For Your Career

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that success in your career doesn’t happen overnight and that success doesn’t come easily.

3 Smart Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Are you paying for unnecessary coverage with your car insurance? Here are some things to ask about.

5 Things I Cut Out of My Life For The Better

Big change and life improvements don’t always have to be monumental.Sometimes, it starts with little things.

Why You Need To Go After Your Goals (Especially When They Scare You)

Head towards your dreams with fake confidence and fake joy and with the understanding that one day this will be fine and not so scary.

What I Learned After Leaving My Job To Attend Grad School

This time last year I was a miserable mess.I felt trapped in my job that I knew had no direction for me, and I had zero luck in my year-long job hunt.

Why I'm Changing My Career Trajectory (Even If It Doesn't Work Out)

As we get older, our interests change. It’s scary to change jobs, but it’s worth the risk.

5 Reasons to Change Direction in Your Career

If you’re regularly and consistently, feeling unmotivated, unchallenged, and unhappy–it’s probably time to consider changing direction in your career.

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Home Without Spending a Ton of Money

As I get older, I find myself wanting my space to reflect “me” and my style even more.

113+ Authors and Books To Explore In Your 20s

On August 17th, our community came together in our bi-weekly Twitter chat #G20Chat to discuss our favorite books, authors, and genres.Below we’ve recapped the recommendations from that night. If…

4 Signs Your Relationship Is Worth Fighting For

No relationship is perfect. You just have to know that in your heart that the person you are with, is truly worth fighting for no matter what.

How To Make Meaningful Connections on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with people all across the world who are just like you!

Should You Go Gluten Free? 🤔

Can you really help your health by avoiding gluten? See what the facts say.

The Twenty-Something’s Guide to Leaving the 9-to-5

These are the four basic steps for creating your own job opportunity and leaving 9-to-5 life behind.

Note To Self: You're Worth The Extra Effort

What if we treated ourselves like we treat other people? What if we gave ourselves the same respect, love, and extra effort? You’re worth it.

Side Hustle: Make Money Flipping Commercial Real Estate

Have you ever considered flipping real estate as a side hustle?

How Adding a Minor Saved Me From Changing My Major

If you feel like you chose the wrong major…don’t panic!Adding a minor could save you.

Put Down The Drugs: A Twenty-Something's Natural Approach To Health

We tested natural remedies to common health problems. These results could change your life!

An Open Letter To My Former Best Friends

It didn’t end out of anger, it was time that pulled us apart. I’ll never forget they way you helped shape me into the person I am today. And I’ll keep liking your Facebook statuses from afar.

Why Transferring Colleges Was The Best Decision For Me

If something seems off about your college experience, you might need to transfer schools.

How I Became More Intentional With My Social Media Accounts

Do you ever catch yourself opening Instagram right after you have just finished looking through your Instagram feed?I do this all the time. It’s like my brain can’t get…

Will Vapors Really Help You Quit Smoking?

Smoking used to be the cool thing to do–until the mid-1990s when many people decided they should try to kick the habit.

5 Financial Tips Every Twenty-Something Should Follow

In the face of all of these challenges in your twenties, it can be hard to determine the best financial strategies to set up for a life of monetary success.