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Why I Always Make Time for Pleasure Reading

Reading used to be my escape. As I got older, I turned to brainless activities instead. Now in my 20s, I’m reminding myself I HAVE to read for fun.

How To Have Fun With Work Before You Find Your Dream Job

Dream jobs aren’t meant to come right away, but that sure doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy every step of your journey.

How I'm Having Fun With My Workouts This Summer

I love summer because it let’s me workout outside.

The Quiet Girl’s Guide To Pushing Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

For those of you naturally shy and quiet individuals looking to step outside your comfort zone and develop a little more confidence.

Why I'm Okay With Moving Back In With My Parents... Again

Things may not have gone as planned, but they’re still working out.

How To Encourage Your Friends & Family to #BeGreatOutThere

Kind words, a little dose of encouragement, and simply letting people know you are there for them goes a long way in ensuring the people we love have the support they need to succeed.

Seven Lesser-Known Podcasts That Rule

Tired of the same ol’ podcast recommendations? Give these a whirl.

Why I (Sometimes) Regret Learning A Second Language

Could learning a second language ever be a bad thing?

Why Support Is a Necessary Factor in Kicking Addiction

Even if you never experience it firsthand, odds are you know someone suffering from this illness.

How To Have Fun at a Wedding Without a Date

Going to a wedding without a date can leave you feeling very single. But fret not, you can still have a total blast!

The Truth About Women and Weight Loss

Breaking down how genetics could be affecting your weight loss.

Adulthood: More Responsibility (But More Freedom)

The balance of adulthood escapes all of us.

The Very Real Consequences of Driving Drunk

If you have a drinking problem, seek help. If you know of someone who has a problem, try to get them the services they need to fight their dependency.

The Ultimate Guide to Baseball Season

Baseball isn’t just for die-hard fans.Every girl (and guy) can enjoy a day at the ballpark.

The Ultimate Summer 2016 Guide to Having a Blast

Want to make summer 2016 your best one yet? Peep our ultimate guide to fun activities and goals for the warmer weather.

An In-Depth Guide to Doing Your Research Before an Interview (with a worksheet!)

If you have an interview, you’re already qualified for the job, but doing your research is the KEY to winning over a hiring manager.

4 Things To Do To Spark Creativity In The Workplace

The lack of creativity is fatal. So what do you do when it just won’t come to you? Here are 4 suggestions.

How To Pursue Your Creative Side Hustle on a Budget

Many of us have burning drive for creativity that we’d like to pursue.

Five Things You May Not Know About Your Monthly Bills

Having to shell out the overwhelming majority of your income every month to various business entities comes as a shock to the system of most twenty-somethings.

How I (Finally) Decided What To Do With My Life

We’re all just struggling to figure out what the heck to do with our lives. Especially between the ages of 18-25, the struggle seems insurmountable.

Using the Power of Social Media to Grow Your Business

You’re never too young to start your own business, and doing so while in your 20s can help you secure your financial future.

How To Take Care of Yourself When a Loved One Has a Mental Illness

Loving someone with a mental illness can take its toll on you.

Overcoming Mental Illness: Facing Bad Days During Recovery (Part 2)

Even when you feel like you finally have a handle on your mental illness, bad days still happen.

Use Your Credit Cards Responsibly With Debitize

Struggling with overspending on your credit card? Debitize makes it easy by automatically deducting your credit card transactions from your checking account.