Art Therapy: 6 Activities To Relieve Stress

Recent research has confirmed what many therapists and creatives already knew: art is a form of therapy. Keep reading for 6 ways to benefit from this discovery!


Work with clay. This hands-on art form is both soothing and distracting. 

Create a stress painting. Stress painting is an activity that channels your emotions to the canvas.


Color a mandala. Mandalas are a Jungian therapeutic tool meant to represent balance and order.


Take photos of nature. Photography is an oft-overlooked art form that also has therapeutic benefits.



Create to music. This approach to creativity also works for journaling and creative writing to minimize stress and anxiety.


Create a collage. This can help you create organization out of chaos, visualize the future, and express your emotions visually.

Art is for everyone. Use these effective art therapy techniques to help relieve your stress and anxiety, so you can live a happier, calmer life.