5 Steps to Becoming a More Well-Rounded, Balanced Person

1. Stay up-to-date on current events.

It allows you to form your own opinions, and better understand what impacts the world.

2. Find an hobby.

Find something that motivates you and brings you joy. Gardening, writing, makeup, cars, cooking, music, anime, fitness, books... the list goes on.

3. Find a like-minded community.

This can be done through your church, volunteer work, or an activity you do in your free time. Use resources like Meetup and Bumble to find people in real life!

4. Reduce negative interactions/ people/ possessions.

 If it’s not truly someone you want to spend more time with, makes you laugh and feel good, stop texting to ask how they are or liking their posts on social media.

For me this was caffeine. Two years ago I took an extreme measure and cut out caffeine completely. As a ‘2-3 cup a day’ girl, this was not easy. But not having dependence on caffeine has really improved my life.

5. Minimize dependence on outside factors.

What are some ways you can gain balance in your life?