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6 Ways To Make Your Old Car Feel New

There’s not much better for the commuters of the world than driving in a brand new car. You might know the feeling: the scent of fresh leather emitting from the seats; the immaculate condition of the dashboard; the clean, dirt-free rugs; the absence of stale French fries stuck between the seats; and of course, the smudge-free windows.

As gratifying as driving in a new vehicle is, it is not always realistic to go out and buy a new car on a whim. It’s not even a financially smart decision to buy a new car. If you, like most twenty-somethings, cannot afford to invest in a new car at this time, don’t fret. GenTwenty has practical tips to help you make your old car feel new again!

6 Make Your Old Car Feel New:

1. Get your car washed/detailed/waxed.

A detailing will clean and restore the condition of the exterior of your vehicle. The glossy finish is bound to make the outside of your car bright new curb appeal. While getting your car detailed can be expensive, if you budget a solid $50-$100 to fund this expense, when the time is right you’ll have the money to splurge on this service.

2. Vacuum the interior, wash the seats, clean the dashboard.

Vacuum up the dirt on the rugs and between the seats. If you have cloth seats, consider using a fabric cleaner to lift any stains. For leather material, give the seats a good wash with a product that is safe to treat leather.

Wash down the dashboard with a safe cleaning product, such as an Armor All cleaner, to remove dirt and dust from your vehicle’s dashboard. Clean out any pet hair, fallen bits of food, and trash you have accumulated in your vehicle. Cleaning out the interior is bound to make your call feel newer and fresher.

3. Clean your tires and rims.

Dirt and dust gets trapped in the surface of your vehicle’s rims and can cause corrosion overtime. It is important to clean your rims and tires well to take care of these parts, especially since these are more prone to getting dirty from the roads. Tires should be kept in good shape, so take notice if anything gets caught in your tires, like nails.

Caring for your tires and rims will help improve the appearance of your vehicle, making it feel newer than it really is.

4. Wash all your windows and mirrors.

Clean windows and mirrors are absolutely essential! Not only to maintain the appearance of your vehicle, but also because you need to have clean mirrors and windows for visibility while driving.

Wash your windows inside and outside with a safe glass cleaner. Do the same with your side mirrors and rearview mirror. Washing your vehicle’s mirrors will remove any smudges, dried prints from your dog’s wet nose, bird droppings on the exterior of your windows , and more. As Glass Shop Calgary recommends, you want to make sure you get any damaged glass taken care of ASAP.

5. Buy seat covers to give your interior a new vibe.

Investing in seat covers is a super easy and affordable way to revamp the vibe of your vehicle. There are seat covers for nearly every vehicle that will fit and cover your seats perfectly!

Simply research seat covers based on the feature of your vehicle’s make and model to buy a set of snazzy and groovy seat covers. This refresh will make your car feel new without the cost of a car payment.

6. Invest in a vehicle aromatherapy diffuser.

Car diffusers are cute little devices you can safely use in your vehicle that bring refreshed aromatic fragrances into your car, thus removing any existing odors in your vehicle. Changing the odor in your car is one of the best ways to give your automobile a fresh, new scent and feeling. A pleasant smell can help lift your mood. Plus, your car will smell nicer during long car rides. Smells like eucalyptus and lemon will keep you alert and relaxed — totally necessary for sitting in traffic!

These tips are bound to make your old car feel like new! What do you do to make your car feel newer? Share your tips in the comments!

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