Fourteen recipes to try out, one for every day leading up to Valentine’s Day. While this roundup is dessert-heavy, I tried my best to include a few other sweet (or savory, really) dishes to cover your valentine’s dinner from start to finish. Chocolates, hearts, bacon, oh my, can the night get any better?

Valentine’s Day Recipe Roundup: 14 Recipes for 14 Days of Love

1. Chocolate Martini by Olivia’s Cuisine

This can be enjoyed as a drink before dinner, or as a dessert after!

2. Heart Shaped Bacon by The Spruce Eats

Because bacon is the key to every carnivore’s heart.

3. Red Velvet Donuts by  Let’s Eat Cake

If there are any leftover from dessert, I’d say it totally counts as a breakfast.

Valentine's Day Recipe Roundup: 14 Recipes for 14 Days of Love

4. Calzone Hearts by Hungry Happenings

For the Ben Wyatts in our lives.

5. Chicken Cordon Bleu by Tyler Florence

Quick and easy, and the perfect entree for any side—rice, potatoes, salad, you name it!

6. Corn Soup with Roasted Poblanos and Zucchini Blossoms by Sunset

Zucchini blossoms are flowers, and flowers are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, so basically this cozy soup is the perfect Valentine’s dish!

Valentine's Day Recipe Roundup: 14 Recipes for 14 Days of Love

7. Red Wine Risotto with Peas by Giada de Laurentiis

Could it be any more romantically delicious? Plus, all good chefs know you have to taste as you go, so a glass of wine for you, a glass of wine for the dish…

8. Baked Apple Roses by Tip Hero

If you can have bacon hearts, you might as well have apple roses!

9. Strawberry Rosewater Semifreddo by My Kitchen Love

Semi-what? Semi-freddo! It’s like ice cream, but simpler with no ice cream maker needed. A taste of strawberries, roses, and love.

Valentine's Day Recipe Roundup: 14 Recipes for 14 Days of Love

10. Vanilla Rose Chiffon Cake by Belly Rumbles

This dessert may have the taste of springtime, but when you’re in love, you’re light on your feet and ready for sunshine anyway, right?

11. Chocolate Pudding Pie in a Jar by This Gal Cooks

Before you scoff at the pudding recipe, think about how this is quick, easy, and versatile. You can make it ahead, put it in any type of jar or container that suits you, and you can customize it with toppings like peanuts or cherries to make it perfect for your night!

12. Nutella Puff Pastry Strawberry Hearts by A Life Well Consumed

You can never have enough hearts on Valentine’s Day, but these hearts have strawberries, nutella, AND pastry puff!

Valentine's Day Recipe Roundup: 14 Recipes for 14 Days of Love

13. Pink Champagne Cake by Liv For Cake

How delightfully special does this champagne cake sound? If chocolate isn’t your flavor, try this recipe out for a special occasion.

14. Chocolate Chocolate-Chip M&M Cookies by The Salty Marshmallow

These gorgeous cookies remind me of the M&M cookies you could buy in the cookie aisle at the store, and they had special colors come out for the holidays. This recipe is like that, but even better because they’re double chocolate!

Valentine's Day Recipe Roundup: 14 Recipes for 14 Days of Love

Which of these strike your Valentine’s Day fancy the most?

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