The other day my husband and I we’re discussing how we want to celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary. We’ve been married six years now and did not have a traditional wedding so most of the things in our home we purchased ourselves.

There are a lot of areas we attempted to save money in, but now that we’ve upgraded the items, I wish I had made the splurge sooner! So many of these things make a huge impact on our day to day lives and I’m very happy to have them. If we had had a wedding registry, I wish these had been on there!

A friend and I were talking about all of the weddings she’s attending this year and what she was considering getting the happy couples as gifts. We continued the conversation with how we each have things we’ve bought over the years that would make amazing wedding gifts, especially if a couple of people chip in for a nicer gift that might otherwise strain a couple’s budget. Here is a list of practical but unique wedding gift ideas that we came up with!

10 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

1. An Electric Kettle

I don’t know about you, but I drink tea daily. Luckily my current apartment has a hot water dispenser, but if it didn’t? I would go out and buy one of these immediately. It comes in handy for everything from making pasta to oatmeal to tea or hot chocolate.

Whenever I’m abroad, I find that hotels and Airbnbs almost always have one of these. It seems like the U.S. is late to the party but I think this makes an awesome, unique wedding gift. You might not *think* you need one, but once you have one in your life, I think you’ll find that you use it almost daily.

2. Toaster Oven

My friend says she uses her toaster oven almost everyday — and definitely more than her real oven! They’re great for quick breakfasts, easy lunches, and simple dinners. Many twenty-somethings don’t cook in that often (and when we do, it’s generally simpler meals), so a toaster oven is a great time saver!

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This might not make it onto your friends registry but it’s a fabulous gift, nonetheless.

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3. Humidifier and/or an Air Purifier

This is just one of those things that you never knew you needed until you got one! My skin can get terribly dry in the winter and my husband gets frustrating allergies in the spring time. We only break ours out for about half the year but I don’t know how I lived without it!

Again, it’s something that you might not see on someone’s registry but it’s a nice thing to have when they need it and will be a welcome break from the towels and utensils they over-registered for. No one I’ve ever talked to has regretted having a humidifier on hand when they needed it!

4. A Quality Mattress

We bought a decent mattress when we first got married and this was on my list of the what I wanted to upgrade this year!

Mattresses can be expensive but have luckily been made more affordable and accessible by companies like Tuft and Needle. When we first bought a mattress, I didn’t really know what kind I preferred. Luckily my husband and I have discovered that we are are similar and prefer are more firm mattress with a little give.

This is one of those gifts that you might not want to go out and purchase for them. Instead, go in with a few other wedding guests and get a gift card they can use! If you’d rather leave the choice up to them (the Mint Mattress is amazing), there are other options too like a new set of pillows, sheets, a mattress protector, and more.  Not to mention, you can save 10% by purchasing a bundle.

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Thank you to Tuft and Needle for providing product for review.

5. A Sharp Set of Knives

A knife is a knife, right? Not so my friend. I’m a quick chef — I like my meals to be done within 30 minutes. The knives I had been using hadn’t been sharpened once since I bought them. They weren’t really top quality to begin with (the whole set was around $20). My mom actually purchased us a quality set of knives last Christmas and I can’t believe I didn’t upgrade them sooner.

unique wedding gift ideas

Knives, especially one that are well taken care of, will last for a long time. They’re worth investing in, in my opinion. I save so much time making dinner every night and I’m actually starting to enjoy cooking again!

6. Bread Machine

This might be a more niche item but hear me out! I use my bread machine weekly to make fresh bread for our family. It’s SO easy and I know exactly what ingredients are going in it. These aren’t too pricey either so it’s not much of a gamble. Pair it with a bread cookbook and a gift receipt, and you’re good to go!

7. Coffee Maker

Almost everyone drinks coffee. If you know the couple loves their daily brew, why not take this as an opportunity to upgrade their coffee experience? Try to see what they already have and what they might be interested in. If they’re purchased something recently, get them some new coffee beans, pods, or capsules to go with their machine!

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8. Waffle Maker

Another niche item, but who doesn’t love waffles? I eat them several times a week because of how easy they are. Protein waffles are my favorite and they aren’t too sweet so they make meals easy and somewhat “healthy.”

The key here — in whatever niche appliance you choose to go for — is to get one with removable plates. If you can put the plates in the dishwasher — all the better! It makes life so much easier.

9. Personalized Vase

If your lovebird friends enjoy fresh flowers, I suggest getting them a personalized vase! I got this one from Uncommon Goods a few years ago and I am obsessed. It’s cute without being too over the top and it’s useful! I always have it out on my counter. My husband and I don’t even have pictures of the two of us in our home — so this was the a perfect choice for us.

10. Fancy Candles

Candles add depth and warmth to any space. While nice candles are available in any price range, there is something luxurious about lighting a Jo Malone, Voluspa, or Candlefish candle. Pop into a department store and pick up a few scents or order them online. You can never have too many candles around and this is one gift a couple is sure to appreciate.

If you don’t want to go off the registry, that’s perfectly fine too! And it could always be a good idea to ask the couple if they need the gift you’re thinking of. Luckily, gift receipts make things easy these days. If you’re making your own registry, consider if any of these items appeal to you and feel free to add them!

What have you bought after your wedding that you wish you had bought sooner?