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There is a lot to think about after you’ve graduated from college. Not only is the prospect of a new life looming large on you, but also something like a new job means a big shake up of your life.

The one big thing to think about is finding a property to rent. It’s very rare that we have the funds to put down for a property that we can own outright, so it’s inevitable that we go into a house sharing situation, either with friends or with complete strangers.

So what is the best way to go about renting a property that suits your lifestyle but also isn’t a financial drainer?


1. Picking The Right Location

It can be tempting to find somewhere that is cheap, but if it’s far away from where you go to work and socialize, you will be spending that much more in travel anyway! So thinking about the right location for what you consider to be important is a major selling point.

Remember that even though properties closer towards a city center are more expensive in how much rent they charge, if you have everything on your doorstep it makes life much easier for you in the long run, you’ll be cutting back on commuting times and general everyday issues. You may not need to even have a car!

2. Picking The Right Landlord

Renting your first property can be an overwhelming experience, so much so that you may not have even thought about the type of landlords that you will be renting off.

The idea of renting a property and making somewhere that’s your own can cloud your judgement in this respect. It’s important to find out what type of landlords they are, especially if alarm bells start to ring at the point of signing the contract.

The best thing to do would be to view the property first and get a feel for the place. Has it been looked after? Has it been redecorated recently?

The shifty landlord can have a major impact on your whole experience, and if they are likely to evict you at a moment’s notice, you need to know a bit about your rights as tenants. There are legal experts you can find on Pro Law Firms to help in this instance if you ever find yourself in this situation.

By getting an idea for the property you will get an idea of if the landlord takes any pride in this property, or they merely looking for a quick way to earn some money? It’s your landlord that will be fixing your boiler if it breaks, or sorting your electrics, so you need to ascertain if they are they are a reliable landlord or not. If not, you may be having a lot of cold showers!

3. Picking The Right Property Management Company

Nowadays, it’s the property management company that has a big part in the overall rental experience.

A lot of tenants rarely speak to the landlord, and have to do it all via of the property management company, so if you find that the company is unreliable or you get a bad feeling about how they do business, you may want to think twice about signing with them. A lot of property management companies are notoriously unreliable, so make sure you do some research on the company themselves beforehand.

Finding the right property with the right people can be a stressful process, but once you have found the right place, you will want to stay there for years, so it’s important for you to put the legwork in at the very outset.

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