The lessons of shared living space are things that never leave you. You may have had younger sisters or bratty brothers to battle with, but nothing prepares you for the colossal challenge of living with others at college or after graduation. There are concrete-built boundaries that we can’t cross, and sometimes we have to learn to bite our tongues for the sake of a peaceful life. You might live with kaleidoscopic characters, with a variety of music tastes, habits, and personalities. You might have lived with the partiers, the It girls, or the bookworms. Here I list some of the many roommate types that we are more than likely to have come across in our early twenties.

The Monica Geller

This isn’t as bad as it seems, however if you are a Monica Geller then it can be awfully exhausting being a mother hen. If you have one of these in your home, the best way to deal with them is to keep your mess to yourself and avoid fights over whose turn it is to clean out the oven. The down side to being the Monica is that you find that people very rarely learn to do anything for themselves. Sometimes it’s best to overlook the pile of dishes until others learn you won’t always clean up their messes – domestic or otherwise.

Downside: Nagging.

Upside: Free cookies.

Hurricane Slob

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This is the one who likes to wait for small creatures to grow on their plate before washing them, and likely to be the one who breaks into your stash of cookies when you’re not home. This one is hard to live with, you can’t change a person’s habits and they’ve spent their whole lives being this way. Seriously though, we don’t want to see your used toothpaste spit in the sink – wash it out, you dirty cretin.

Downside: Dirt.

Upside: These are fun people to be around, just not to live with.

World Traveller

This is the free spirit, or the exchange student. Either way, you could end up with several clones of this roommate lurking in your home. These ones usually love to have fun, and love to bring others along from their own circle – but this means they occasionally stay out of the group. This can lead to very annoying situations like banging on doors in the early hours or drunken games in stolen shopping carts in your own hallway (please tell me this happened to people other than me). The World Traveller can also be one of those alternative lip ring types of people, who love a conspiracy or two. I can’t exactly say which one is easier to tolerate but at least you will learn a lot of new points of view by living with this roommate.

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Downside: Lots of unexpected visitors.

Upside: New views on the world.

The Invisibles

This one either goes home a lot, or just refuses to spend time with you or any other roommate. There’s not a lot you can do except respect their space and find out what their interests are to try and arrange something for you both to enjoy. You may need to communicate through notes stuck to their door. Some people are solitary beings, and they are kept peaceful this way. There is nothing wrong with that – quiet times can be good, and if you’re able to form a bond with this person they are usually the best listeners.

Downside: Silence.

Upside: Silence.

The Boyfriend

This is like living with a child at first, like teaching a toddler to put their crayons away and stop throwing their dirty socks under the bed. Once the honeymoon period is over and then eventually when the growing pains subside – this is the best roommate you can have. During the growing pains you may want to slam doors, throw a tantrum or just fight, just as some ease into the co-habitation roles others can take time to adjust. What is with men and their need to collect empty toilet paper rolls in the bathroom? As much as you might want to smother them with a pillow sometimes, you’ll never be more grateful for your boyfriend or partner when you come home after a long day at work or when you need someone to clean out the sink. There’s no one we would rather annoy, and have annoy us.

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Downside: You can’t kick them out of your room.

Upside: Free hoodies/socks/pajamas/food.

We are all slightly overgrown children inside, and we all have to learn what lines we can and can’t cross. We’ll always want to cross the lines drawn out in front of us, because isn’t life more fun that way? Even if you break the rules, this is how you will learn and how those who live with you will learn too. Wonder where you would be without the people you live with, or have lived with in the past. We wouldn’t get very far without each other, we would be left as undiscovered territory, with a penchant for getting our own way – and we wouldn’t know how to change a lightbulb. They are the family that we eventually leave behind, but our bonds are not broken. If we didn’t have these lessons to learn with others, then our boyfriend would find it a lot harder to deal with us, which means we would be buying our own tampons.