Stood up

Another month means another dating disaster from GenTwenty! If you want to catch up, our first installment was on The First Date.

This is another personal story, one I tried to forget about until now. Once I did recall it, I realized that there is one thing I can say with absolute certainty and that is no one wants to be stood up on a date. It is one of those dating situations that is a huge blow to the ego and makes you question everything. So many questions run through your mind. Why did he not call? Maybe he is just running late? Maybe he got in an accident? What is something I did? So here is my story…

I met this guy on a much-needed girl’s night out. Let’s call this guy Sven, since that was the nickname my friends and I came up with because his name did not fit his Nordic look. Anyway, Sven’s friend came up to talk to my friend and ended up introducing me to him. We really hit it off and spent the rest of the night hanging out. I was surprised he asked for my number when we were guilty of the drunken bar make-out. Even though I gave him my number I never expected a call or text from him. Because, as many of you, know giving your number to someone at a bar does not guarantee you will ever hear from them. 

I was happy when I got a text from him the next day asking me out on a date. Of course I said yes. We made plans to go out later that week. I was a little nervous because I did not have my social lubrication this time but it ended up being a really great date. We realized we had a lot in common. That date turned in a few more dates and before I knew it over a month had passed. We were talking all the time and I started to think I could really fall for this guy. That feeling quickly faded though. 

He asked me out on another date and we decided to go out on a Saturday night. He texted me on Friday afternoon to confirm our plans the next night. To this day I have no idea what happened in that 24 hours but when 8 o’clock rolled around I was left sitting at home alone starring at my phone all ready to go out on my date. I decided to give him twenty minutes before I tried to text him about his ETA. But when he didn’t show up I just knew he wasn’t coming. Spent the next hour trying to hold my tears back still holding out hope I got the time wrong or something. I eventually texted him asking where he was and hoped nothing bad happened to him. No text back just deafening silence. 

I was so hurt, pissed and embarrassed that I had been completely stood up with no explanation. I kept thinking how could a person do that to someone? If he was over me just cancel and tell me it’s not going to work out. Saying nothing and never showing up for a date is just disrespectful. I believe the lack on honesty on his part made him a coward. I would rather him say, “Hey, I don’t want to waste your time cause I don’t think this is going to work out. We should probably cancel our plans tonight.” I mean we had been dating almost two months I believe I deserved at least that. 

Also, you might be thinking something happened to him, but I checked his Facebook to make sure and he was alive and well. The best part was he accidentally put me on a group text with another girl six months later trying to see who would take his bait. Needless to say I told him to lose my number. 

With all this technology out there it makes it so easy for people to check out of budding relationships. Who cares if you are not feeling it with the person. That is fine but at least be honest with them, even if it is through a text.

For anyone who has ever been stood up you know what it feels like. In the end we are all better off that not having someone in our life like that. Have any of you ever been stood up? 

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